Aviation Magazines in United Kingdom

This is a survey of British aviation, defence and aircraft scale modelling magazines.

Although a relatively air-minded country from the days of the first aviation pioneers, it was the Battle of Britain which brought aviation to the forefront for the general public. With daily and nightly air battles over the UK, aircraft recognition and advances in aviation technology became a matter of life and death. There were also an enormous number of people serving in the various armed services who had a professional interest in aviation.

The intense fascination with aviation as a result of this experience continued until well after the war, despite the shrinking size of the UK industry. The aircraft preservation movement, which really took off in the 1980s, and the growing tourist ‘heritage’ industry has rekindled a general interest in aircraft and aviation history.

The British publishing industry is world reknown for it’s quality content and high production values. The aircraft magazine sector is no exception. Even with the automatic advantage of publishing in English, many UK based magazines are widely circulated in Commonwealth and European countries, often appearing on newsagents shelves alongside the local magazines. This international readership is reflected in the non-parochial editorial outlook of many of these magazines.

For other nations, check our country by country listing. An alphabetical index of titles is also available, as is a list of useful magazine shops which deal with new or secondhand magazines.

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