Aviation Magazines in United States

This is a survey of United States aviation, defence and aircraft scale modelling magazines.

With its large aviation community, the United States supports a considerable number of aircraft magazines. All branches of the US armed forces have very large aviation elements, and private flying is proportionally much more popular in the States than elsewhere in the world.

It should be noted that, in contrast to European aircraft magazines, many of those produced in the USA tend to focus more on the ‘human interest’ aspects of aviation, rather than technical details and design features. From a European perspective, this can make US magazines appear superficial and repetitive. Having said that, some of the subscription titles available in the USA can go into as much technical detail as any European reader could want.

The many regional magazines for private pilots which are available in the USA have been omitted from this survey for space reasons.

Partwork magazines that build-up into a complete collection are far less popular in the USA than in Europe or other parts of the world. This is reportedly due to the very high cost of the initial ‘advertising blitz’ required to launch such a title via the fragemented and regionalised media market operating in the USA.

For other nations, check our country by country listing. An alphabetical index of titles is also available, as is a list of useful magazine shops which deal with new or secondhand magazines.

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