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Welcome to the Aeroflight Aviation Books Database. This is a downloadable crowd-sourced database, in Microsoft Excel format, which contains over 14,000 (currently) titles. The database is principally aimed at aviation enthusiasts, scale modellers, historians and collectors. It therefore concentrates on books of interest to this readership. The primary focus is on printed books, but ebooks and PDF publications are also included if they quality for an ISBN number.

Details of each title include: full title and subtitle, series, author, publisher, country of publication, date of publication, language and ISBN number, together with a short description of the contents of each book. You can also note titles in your personal collection, and make a wishlist.

The current data in the file is only partially complete, biased to British and english titles, and only goes up to the year 2000. We would like make this a crowd-sourcing project and therefore invite you to participate in updating the existing entries and adding new ones. With collaboration we can produce a truly comprehensive database which would be an invaluable resource. The eventual aim is to make the information in the database available with an app. If the database is kept up to date, it will also provide notification of new and recent titles that you may not be aware of.

The Crowd-Sourcing Process:

  • Download the XLS file from the link below
  • Amend or update the existing entries as required, and add new entries for titles not already included
  • Register with the website (you only need to do this once, but it is required for upload security) and login
  • Upload the revised XLS file back to the website using the ‘Upload files’ box below
  • I will periodically merge all submitted files into a master version which will then be made available to all
  • You can then download the most up-to-date version of the database

Thanks to those of you who have already taken the trouble to sent me comments and updates, they are much appreciated.


Download the Aeroflight Aviation Books Database 
Database Version V1.02 [2.6 MB zip compressed]


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  1. How can I add my books ‘The Lanfranc Boys’ and ‘The Papa Mike Air Crash Mystery’ to your books data-base?

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