Hover M.F.11

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Høver M.F.11
Profiles in Norway Nr.2
by Arild Kjaeraas
Arild Kjaeraas
32 pages, sbk
US$n/a, £9.99

The second in a series of books that deal with Norwegian aircraft and aircraft in Norway, this title focuses on the Høver M.F.11 naval reconnaissance floatplane. Beginning in 1932, twenty-five machines were delivered to the Norwegian Navy and they were still in service when Germany invaded in April 1940. All operational aircraft were employed in bombing and reconnaissance operations against German naval and land forces in the ensuing battle, and several were lost. After the Norwegian surrender, the surviving aircraft were flown for a while by Germany and Finland.

This A4-size book is not so much a narrative history of the M.F.11 as a collection of information about this aircraft. After a very brief introduction the main text begins with the individual histories of each airframe and then a short description of their combat use during the German invasion. This is followed by a Technical Description, a few paragraphs on the aircraft in German service and a review of the Broplan 1:72 scale vacuform kit. The last three chapters cover a flight to Spitzbergen in 1935, some salvaged parts now in a museum and use of the aircraft in Finland.

The book is illustrated with clear b+w photographs throughout, often presented at half-page size, plus 6 colour profile drawings and a 1:72 scale 3-view line drawing occupies the centre pages. A sectional line drawing of the fuselage and some colour photos of the Broplan model and salvaged museum items are also included. On the back cover, a hand-coloured photograph of a M.F.11 in flight is particularly attractive.

All text is in Norwegian and English, including photograph captions and drawing annotations, and appears to be free of typos. The printing on semi-gloss paper is to a very high standard, allowing very good reproduction of the photos and colour drawings.

This book therefore serves to complement information published elsewhere, rather than to present a detailed history of very aspect of the M.F.11’s service career. For aviation historians, the information presented on this largely forgotten aircraft will be fascinating, while scale modellers will find this book invaluable. Other titles in the Profiles in Norway series are listed elsewhere on the Aeroflight website.

– John Hayles

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