Magazines Database Explanatory Notes

The Aeroflight database of aviation magazines is principally aimed at aviation enthusiasts, scale modellers, historians and collectors. It therefore concentrates on publications of interest to this readership.

For this survey a ‘magazine’ is taken to be any publication containing a collection of articles, pictures or other features that is periodically issued with completely different contents. The frequency of publication can be anything between daily and annually. The primary focus is on printed magazines, but PDF publications and eMagazines are also included. “Magazine” websites that do not make their contents available in a single document are not included.

Our coverage includes defunct titles and those from countries which no longer exist. Full details will be provided for each one, including dates of publication, publisher, ISSN number, subject specialisation etc.

Explanation of column headings:

ID #   Unique number to identify this title in the rest of the website.
Title   The title of the publication, as given on the front cover.
ISSN   International Standard Serial Number. Partworks are not eligible for an ISSN since they are intended to have a finite number of issues.
Issues per Year   Total number of issues normally available in a year. For instance, some European ‘monthly’ magazines produce only 11 issues per year.
Status   ‘Current’ for magazines still being published, otherwise ‘Ceased’.
Subject   Broad category for the subject area of this title.
Country   Country where the publishing organisation resides.
Language   Language used for the text. Dual language text where noted. Some publications appear in more than one language.
Publisher   Name of the publishing organisation.
Availability   Broad categorisation of how these magazines were originally made available to readers:

– Digital Only Available by download from the publishers website, by email or via an ‘app’.
– Free Distribution Supplied at no charge to anyone interested. Often these are company employee or publicity publications.
– News-stand From high-street shops and generally over the counter.
– Partwork The first few issues are often available at news-stand, and the rest by subscription.
– Society By virtue of membership of a society or organisation.
– Subscription Pre-paid direct delivery by mail/e-mail to your address.
– ? Unknown.

Frequency   Theoretical number of times per year a new issue is produced.
Start   First year of publication.
End   Last year of publication. ‘current’ if still being published.
No. Issues   Total number of issues produced so far. This number will increase for ‘current’ titles.
barcode   Numerical code printed with the bar code on the cover of the magazine.
Only Aviation   ‘Yes’ if content is exclusively devoted to aviation subjects, otherwise ‘No’.
Page Link   A link to the review of this title on this website.

Comments, corrections and additions are welcome. Please let me know if there are any titles that you think I’ve missed – particularly defunct or newly launched titles.