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This page shows some interesting statistics for Aviation Magazines, using data taken from the AvMags database. [Data as at 1 February 2018].

The top two countries are clearly the United States and United Kingdom, who both publish in English, and sell many copies overseas.

English completely dominates the languages split, as it is the official language of aviation worldwide.

General interest magazines, that try to appeal to readers with many different aviation interests are clearly the most popular, followed by the very popular hobby of scale plastic modelling.

Distribution by Subscription allows magazines to cover niche subjects and retain consistent circulation levels, and this appears to be a very successful strategy.

Publishing Monthly appears to be the most popular frequency, followed by Quarterly.

Over three quarters of the magazines in the database are exclusively devoted to aviation subjects, while the rest are modelling, history or technical magazine with a significant aviation content.

This chart shows the peaks in magazine launches during WW1, the late 1920s after Charles Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight, WW2 and then the huge increase in new starts since the early 1980s and the arrival of desktop publishing tools, and another spike in the mid 2000s with the arrival of digital magazines.

This chart shows the peaks in magazine closures just after WW1, the Great Depression of the 1930s, paper shortages in WW2, a big spike just after WW2 and the dramatic increase in the 2000s as many publishers faced falling advertising revenue and declining circulation numbers.

The top 20 publishers are lead by UK-based Key Publishing Ltd and Challenge Publications from the USA. The next three or four publishers specialise in fortnightly partworks.