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Title Publication Frequency Country
Aéropostale Bi-monthly Japan
A/C Flyer Monthly United States
AAHS Journal Quarterly United States
AB Novosti Bi-monthly Serbia
ABM – Air Bordeaux Merignac Bi-monthly France
ABM – Avions, Blindes, Maquettes Magazine Quarterly France
ACE ? Netherlands
Actualidad Aeronáutica Quarterly Bolivia
Actualitatea Aeronautica Monthly Romania
ADM – Australian Defence Magazine Monthly Australia
AELR Quarterly Belgium
AENA Noticias Bi-monthly Spain
Aerathlitika Nea / ΑΕΡΑΘΛΗΤΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ Quarterly Greece
Aerea Volo Monthly Italy
Aerei Bi-monthly Italy
Aerei & Elicotteri Militari – Edizione 2001 Weekly Italy
Aerei & Elicotteri Militari – Edizione 2002 Weekly Italy
Aerei da Combattimento Weekly Italy
Aerei Militari Weekly Italy
Aerei Modellismo Monthly Italy
Aerei nella Storia Bi-monthly Italy
Aerei Superfile Bi-monthly Italy
Aerial Age Weekly Weekly United States
Aero & Microlight Flyer Monthly Ireland
Aero ‘N’ Photos Quarterly United States
Aero (1) Monthly Finland
Aero (2) Weekly Germany
Aero (3) Weekly Poland
Aero (4) Weekly Spain
Aero (5) Weekly United States
Aero (6) Monthly United States
Aero (7) Quarterly United States
Aero (8) Monthly Serbia
Aero (9) Monthly Germany
Aero – magazyn lotniczy Monthly Poland
Aero 2000 Bi-monthly France
Aero Africa Monthly South Africa
Aero Album Quarterly United States
Aero and Airways Monthly United Kingdom
Aero Australia Quarterly Australia
Aero Collector Quarterly United Kingdom
Aero Connections Monthly United States
Aero Digest Monthly United States
Aero Fan Quarterly Italy
Aero Flaps Quarterly Spain
Aero Graphics Quarterly Japan
Aero Historia Quarterly Hungary
Aero Hobby ? Czech Republic
Aero International Monthly Germany
Aero Ireland Monthly Ireland
Aéro Journal (1) Quarterly France
Aéro Journal (2) Bi-monthly France
Aéro Journal (3) Bi-monthly France
Aéro Magazine Bi-monthly Belgium
Aero Magazine (1) Monthly Brazil
Aero Modeller Monthly United Kingdom
Aero News Monthly Italy
Aéro Revue Francaise Fortnightly France
Aero Spazio Fortnightly Italy
Aero Sport Monthly Germany
Aero Sports Magazine Monthly Japan
Aero Technika Monthly Germany
Aero Technika Lotnicza Monthly Poland
Aero Trader & Chopper Shopper Monthly United States
Aerodeportes Monthly Argentina
AeroErmo Magazine Bi-monthly Colombia
Aeroespacio Monthly Argentina
AeroFan Quarterly Italy
Aerohobbi monthly Ukraine
Aerohobby (1) Quarterly Brazil
Aerohobby (2) Quarterly Poland
Aerokosmicheskij vestnik Monthly Ukraine
Aerokurier International Monthly Germany
Aerolog Quarterly New Zealand
Aeromagazin (1) Monthly Hungary
AeroMagazin (2) Bi-monthly Romania
Aeromagazin (3) Quarterly Serbia
Aeromarkt Monthly Germany
AeroMundial Weekly Argentina
Aeromuzei Quarterly Russia
Aeronaitiki & Amina / ΑΕΡΟΝΑΥΤΙΚΗ & ΑΜΥΝΑ Monthly Greece
Aeronautica & Difesa Monthly Italy
Aeronautica (1) Weekly Italy
Aeronautica (2) Monthly Romania
Aeronautica (3) Monthly Italy
Aeronautica (4) Monthly Romania
Aeronautica (5) Bi-Monthly Mexico
Aeronautica – Rivista Mensile Illustrata Monthly Italy
Aeronautics Monthly United Kingdom
Aeronautika Bi-monthly Croatia
Aeronave Monthly Argentina
Aeronavtika i Kosmos Weekly Russia
Aeronews of Belgium Bi-monthly Belgium
AeroNostalgia ? Portugal
Aeronoticias irregular Uruguay
Aérophile Monthly France
Aerophile (1) Bi-monthly United States
Aeroplan (1) Bi-monthly Poland
Aeroplan (2) / АЕРОПЛАН Quarterly Serbia
AeroPlan (3) / АЭРОПЛАН Bi-monthly Belarus
Aeroplane Monthly United Kingdom
Aeroplane Monthly Monthly United Kingdom
Aeroplanet Monthly Norway
Aeroplano Annually Spain
AeroPontica Quarterly Romania
Aeroporia Athlitiki / αεροπορία ΑΘΛΗTIKH Bi-Monthly Greece
Aeroporia Diethnis / ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΑ ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ Quarterly Greece
Aeroporiki Epitheorisi / ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΘΕΩΡΗΣΗ Quarterly Greece
Aeroporiki Istoria / ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Bi-Monthly Greece
Aeroports Magazine Monthly France
Aeropuertos ? Mexico
AeroRevue Monthly Switzerland
Aerospace & Defence Technology Quarterly Canada
Aerospace America Quarterly United States
Aerospace and Maritime International ? India
Aerospace Canada International Quarterly Canada
Aerospace China ? China
Aerospace Complex/Aerokosmicheskij kompleks Quarterly Russia
Aerospace Courier (1) Irregular Japan
Aerospace Courier (2) Bi-monthly Russia
Aerospace Daily Daily United States
Aerospace Historian Quarterly United States
Aerospace Industries / صنایع هوا فضا Monthly Iran
Aerospace International (1) Monthly Germany
Aerospace International (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Aerospace International (3) Bi-monthly United States
Aerospace Japan Monthly Japan
Aerospace Journal Bi-monthly Russia
Aerospace Knowledge Monthly China
AeroSpace Review (1) Bi-monthly Russia
Aerospace Review (2) Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Aerospace Testing International Quarterly United Kingdom
Aerospace World ? China
Aerospazio Monthly Italy
Aerospazio & Difesa Monthly Italy
Aerospazio Mese Monthly Italy
Aerosvet Bi-monthly Serbia
Aerosviat / Аеросвиат ? Bulgaria
Aeroventa Bi-monthly Argentina
Aerovia Monthly Spain
Aerovisäo Quarterly Brazil
Affordable Ultralights Bi-monthly United States
African Air Review Bi-monthly South Africa
African Pilot Monthly South Africa
AFSA – Air Forces South Australia Monthly Australia
Ag-Pilot International Monthly United States
AgAir Update Monthly United States
Agricultural Aviation Bi-monthly United States
AHSA Journal Quarterly Australia
AHSA News Bi-monthly Australia
AHSA Newsletter Quarterly Australia
AHSNZ Journal Bi-Annual New Zealand
AHSNZ Newsletter Monthly New Zealand
Ailes Magazine Monthly France
AIM Monthly Netherlands
Air Monthly United Kingdom
Air & Cosmos Weekly France
Air & Space Europe Bi-monthly France
Air & Space Power Journal Quarterly United States
Air & Space Smithsonian Bi-monthly United States
AIR – Aeromedia Information Review Quarterly Czech Republic
Air Action (1) Monthly France
Air Action (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Air Actualités Monthly France
Air Affairs Quarterly United States
Air Africana Quarterly South Africa
Air Alaska Monthly United States
Air Ambulance Quarterly United Kingdom
Air Beat Bi-monthly United States
Air BP Monthly United Kingdom
Air Classics Monthly United States
Air Classics Quarterly Review Quarterly United States
Air Clues ? United Kingdom
Air Combat (1) Bi-monthly Japan
Air Combat (2) Bi-monthly United States
Air Combat 1939-1945 Bi-monthly United States
Air Combat Collection (1) Fortnightly United Kingdom
Air Combat Collection (2) Fortnightly Japan
Air Display International Quarterly United Kingdom
Air Enthusiast (1) Monthly United Kingdom
Air Enthusiast (2) Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Air Enthusiast Quarterly Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Air Extra Quarterly United Kingdom
Air Facts Monthly United States
Air Fan Monthly France
Air Fan International Bi-monthly United States
Air Fleet Bi-monthly Russia
Air Focus Quarterly Germany
Air Force Magazine Quarterly United States
Air Force Magazine (2) / ข่าวทหารอากาศ Monthly Thailand
Air Force Times Weekly United States
Air Forces International Monthly Malta
Air Forces Monthly Monthly United Kingdom
Air Forces Research Monthly United Kingdom
Air Heritage Annually South Africa
Air Historian Quarterly Australia
Air International Monthly United Kingdom
Air Kit News Monthly Italy
Air Line Pilot Quarterly United States
Air Magazine Bi-monthly France
AIR Modeller Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Air News Monthly United States
Air North Monthly United Kingdom
Air Photographic International Quarterly United Kingdom
Air Pictorial Monthly United Kingdom
Air Power & Technology Monthly Greece
Air Power Graphics Bi-monthly Japan
Air Power History Quarterly United States
Air Power International (1) Monthly Australia
Air Power International (2) Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Air Press Weekly Italy
Air Progress Monthly United States
Air Progress – Military Airpower Review Quarterly United States
Air Progress Aviation Review Quarterly United States
Air Reserve Gazette Monthly United Kingdom
Air Revue Monthly France
Air Safety Week Weekly United States
Air Scotland Monthly United Kingdom
Air Show ? Poland
Air Sonic Monthly Spain
Air Space Model Monthly United States
Air Sports International Monthly Switzerland
Air Trade Bi-monthly Mexico
Air Trails (1) Monthly United States
Air Trails (2) Quarterly United States
Air Transport World – ATW Monthly United States
Air Transportation Weekly United States
Air Ways Monthly United Kingdom
Air World (1) Monthly Japan
Air World (2) Monthly Pakistan
Air World (3) Monthly United States
Air World International Monthly United Kingdom
Air Zone Bi-monthly France
Air-Britain Aeromilitaria Quarterly United Kingdom
Air-Britain Archive Quarterly United Kingdom
Air-Britain Aviation World Quarterly United Kingdom
Air-Britain Digest Quarterly United Kingdom
Air-Britain News Monthly United Kingdom
Air-Britain various Monthly United Kingdom
Airborne Log Biannually United States
Aircommand Monthly Japan
Aircraft & Aerospace – Asia Pacific Monthly Australia
Aircraft (1) Monthly Australia
Aircraft (3) Weekly Italy
Aircraft (4) Weekly Japan
Aircraft (5) Monthly United Kingdom
Aircraft and Jets Monthly Canada
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology Monthly United Kingdom
Aircraft Illustrated Monthly United Kingdom
Aircraft Illustrated Extra Quarterly United Kingdom
Aircraft in Miniature Quarterly United Kingdom
Aircraft Magazine Monthly Canada
Aircraft Modeller International Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Aircraft Modelworld Monthly United Kingdom
Aircraft of the Aces: Men and Legends Fortnightly United Kingdom
Aircraft of the World Monthly United States
AiReview Monthly Japan
Airfield Review Quarterly United Kingdom
Airfix Magazine Monthly United Kingdom
Airfix Model World Monthly United Kingdom
Airfoil Annually United States
Airforce Quarterly Canada
AirForce Today ? Australia
AirFrame Monthly United Kingdom
Airline & Modelling Review Quarterly United States
Airline (1) Monthly Italy
Airline (2) Monthly Japan
Airline Canada Review Monthly Canada
Airline Data News Monthly United Kingdom
Airline Modeler Quarterly United States
Airline Modeler Quarterly Canada
Airline Ninety Two Monthly Spain
Airline Pilot Careers Monthly United States
Airline Quarterly Quarterly United States
Airline Review Monthly United States
Airliner World Monthly United Kingdom
Airliners (1) Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Airliners (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Airliners (3) Bi-monthly United States
Airliners International Quarterly United States
Airlines International Quarterly Malta
Airman Monthly United States
Airnieuws Nederland Monthly Netherlands
Airnieuws-Rotterdam Monthly Netherlands
Airplane Weekly United Kingdom
AirPlane – Thríli kai Exélixi Weekly Greece
Airplane 3-View Journal Quarterly United States
Airport World Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Airpower Bi-monthly United States
Airshow International Quarterly United States
Airspeed – Aviacion Deportiva ? Argentina
Airstrip Monthly United Kingdom
Airway (1) Bi-monthly Brazil
Airway (2) Monthly Taiwan
Airways Monthly United States
Airways and Airports Monthly United Kingdom
Airworld / Аирворлд ? Bulgaria
AJ Custom Monthly Japan
Al Defaiya Bi-monthly Germany
Al Jundi Journal ? UAE
ALA – Aviacion Latinoamericana Quarterly Argentina
Ala Fuerte Annually Colombia
Ala Rotante Bi-monthly Italy
Alas Bi-monthly Argentina
Alas Gloriosas Quarterly Spain
Alas Policiales Biannually Colombia
Alaska Flying Monthly United States
Alata Internazionale Monthly Italy
Ali Fortnightly Italy
Ali Antiche Quarterly Italy
Ali d’Italia Fortnightly Italy
Ali di guerra (1) Fortnightly Italy
Ali di Guerra (2) Monthly Italy
Ali e motori Weekly Italy
Ali in Miniatura Monthly Italy
Ali Nuove Fortnightly Italy
All Clear Quarterly Netherlands
Allt Om Flygplan Weekly Sweden
Allt Om Hobby Monthly Sweden
Aloft Bi-monthly United States
Alpha Documents Quarterly France
Altitudes Quarterly France
AMCAR Quarterly Quarterly United Kingdom
America Vuela Monthly Mexico
America’s Flyways Monthly United States
American Aviation Fortnightly United States
American Aviation Daily Daily United States
American Helicopter Monthly United States
American Modeler Bi-monthly United States
Amina & Diplomatia / ΑΜΥΝΑ & ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΑ Monthly Greece
Amina & Texnologia / ΑΜΥΝΑ & ΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑ Monthly Greece
Amintika Themata / ΑΜΥΝΤΙΚΑ ΘΕΜΑΤΑ Monthly Greece
Amintiki Epitheorisi / ΑΜΥΝΤΙΚΗ ΕΠΙΘΕΩΡΗΣΗ Monthly Greece
Amintiki Phakeli – Defence Files / ΑΜΥΝΤΙΚΟΙ ΦΑΚΕΛΟΙ Monthly Greece
An Cosantóir Monthly Ireland
Anakhaitisi – Interception / ΑΝΑΧΑΙΤΙΣΗ Magazine Bi-Monthly Greece
Angkasa Monthly Indonesia
Anglia Aeronews Monthly United Kingdom
Antique Airplane Association Digest Quarterly United States
AOPA Monthly Australia
AOPA Letter Germany Bi-monthly Germany
AOPA Pilot Quarterly United States
APMA Quarterly Quarterly Australia
Approach Bi-monthly United States
Arab Aviation & Space Magazine Monthly Saudi Arabia
Arab Aviation Review Quarterly UAE
Arab Defence Journal / Al Difa Al Arabi Monthly Lebanon
Aranysas Monthly Hungary
Arawasi International Quarterly Japan
Archiv Quarterly United Kingdom
Aripi Romanesti Monthly Romania
Aripile Patriei Monthly Romania
Armada International Bi-monthly Switzerland
Armed Forces Monthly United Kingdom
Armex Monthly Netherlands
Armia Monthly Poland
ARMS – Russian Defence Technologies Bi-monthly Russia
Army Aviation Quarterly United States
AS. Aviatsionnyi Zhurnal Quarterly Russia
ASA Newsletter Monthly South Africa
Asahi Journal Biannually United States
Asas Monthly Brazil
Asia Pacific Aviation News Monthly Australia
Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter Monthly Australia
Asia-Pacific Defense Forum Quarterly United States
Asian Air Transport Monthly Taiwan
Asian Airlines & Aerospace Monthly Malaysia
Asian Airlines & Airports Bi-monthly Singapore
Asian Aviation (1) Monthly Australia
Asian Aviation (2) Monthly Singapore
Asian Aviation News Fortnightly United States
Asian Commercial Aviation Quarterly Malaysia
Asian Defence & Diplomacy Bi-monthly Singapore
Asian Defence Journal Monthly Malaysia
Asian Military Review Monthly Thailand
Atlantic Flyer Monthly United States
ATM – Armady Technika Militaria Monthly Czech Republic
Australian Aviation Monthly Australia
Australian Flying Monthly Australia
Australian Flying Museum ? Australia
Australian Models & Hobbies Monthly Australia
Australian Plastics Modeller ? Australia
Australian Ultralights Bi-monthly Australia
AustroFlug Monthly Austria
Aventuras a Escala! Quarterly Argentina
Avia (1) Monthly India
Avia (2) Monthly Italy
Avia (3) Monthly Netherlands
AVIA Aeroespacial Monthly Argentina
Avia Hobby ? Netherlands
Avia Panorama Bi-monthly Russia
Aviabiznes Quarterly Ukraine
Aviacao em Foco Bi-monthly Brazil
Aviacao em Revista Monthly Brazil
Aviacion Monthly Mexico
Aviacion General y Deportiva Monthly Spain
Aviacion Internacional Monthly Mexico
Aviacion Ligera Monthly Spain
Aviacion Sport Monthly Argentina
Aviaction Quarterly Pakistan
Aviador Quarterly Spain
Aviaglobus ? Russia
Aviakollektsia Bi-monthly Russia
Aviamaster Monthly Russia
Avianews International Monthly Belgium
Aviao Revue Monthly Brazil
Aviasalony Mira – World Airshows Bi-monthly Russia
Aviasport Monthly France
Aviastro Monthly Belgium
Aviata ? Poland
Aviatia Monthly Romania
Aviatika ? Serbia
Aviation & Aerospace Monthly Canada
Aviation & Airport Magazine Monthly Canada
Aviation & Commerce Monthly Russia
Aviation & Marine International Monthly Switzerland
Aviation & Pilote Monthly France
Aviation & Space Journal Quarterly India
Aviation & Space Magazine Monthly United Kingdom
Aviation (1) Quarterly France
Aviation (2) Monthly Ireland
Aviation (3) Quarterly Lithuania
Aviation (4) Weekly United States
Aviation 2000 Bi-monthly France
Aviation Actu Monthly France
Aviation Age Monthly United States
Aviation and Safety Monthly South Africa
Aviation Art Gallery Quarterly United States
Aviation Canada Quarterly Canada
Aviation Civile Bi-monthly France
Aviation Classics Quarterly United Kingdom
Aviation Collectors Market Quarterly United States
Aviation Daily Daily United States
Aviation Daily Japan Daily Japan
Aviation Design (1) Monthly France
Aviation Design (2) Bi-monthly France
Aviation Digest Monthly United States
Aviation Engineering Monthly Japan
Aviation et Astronautique Monthly Belgium
Aviation Focus Monthly Netherlands
Aviation Francaise Weekly France
Aviation Francaise Magazine – AFM Bi-monthly France
Aviation Heritage Quarterly Australia
Aviation History Bi-monthly United States
Aviation Illustrated Bi-monthly United States
Aviation International Monthly France
Aviation International News Monthly United States
Aviation Investigation Monthly Monthly United States
Aviation Ireland Monthly Ireland
Aviation Journal Monthly Japan
Aviation Latin America & Caribbean Monthly United States
Aviation Letter Monthly United States
Aviation Luftfahrt Monthly Germany
Aviation Magazine International Fortnightly France
Aviation Monthly Monthly United States
Aviation News & Review Monthly United Kingdom
Aviation News & Trader Monthly Canada
Aviation News (1) Fortnightly United Kingdom
Aviation News (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Aviation News Journal Monthly Canada
Aviation News Weekly Weekly China
Aviation Photo News Quarterly Japan
Aviation Quarterly (1) Quarterly Canada
Aviation Quarterly (2) Quarterly United States
Aviation Quebec Bi-monthly Canada
Aviation Safety Monthly United States
Aviation Times Monthly India
Aviation Trader Monthly Australia
Aviation USA Bi-monthly United States
Aviation Week & Space Technology Weekly United States
Aviation World (1) ? China
Aviator International Bi-monthly Hungary
Aviatransportnoe Obozrenie Bi-monthly Russia
Aviatsia y Fakty Quarterly Ukraine
Aviatsiia obshchego naznacheniia Monthly Ukraine
Aviatsionnaia promyshlennost Quarterly Russia
Aviatsiya Aviation Magazine Quarterly Russia
Aviatsiya I Kosmonautika (1) Monthly Russia
Aviatsiya I Kosmonavtika (2) Monthly Russia
Aviatsiya I Vremya Bi-monthly Ukraine
Aviazione Monthly Italy
Aviazione & Marina Internazionale Monthly Italy
Aviazione Civile Monthly Italy
Aviazione di Linea Aeronautica e Spazio Monthly Italy
Aviazione e Difesa Monthly Italy
Aviazione Oggi Monthly Italy
Aviazione Sportiva Monthly Italy
AviO Quarterly Ukraine
Aviofen / Авиофен ? Bulgaria
Avioflap Monthly Italy
Avion Monthly Spain
Avion Revue Monthly Spain
Avions Monthly France
Avions de Guerre Weekly France
Avions de Ligne Fortnightly France
Avions et Helicopteres Militaires Fortnightly France
Avions et Pilotes Weekly France
AvPhoto Bi-monthly United States

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