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Title Publication Frequency Country
CAAC Journal Daily China
Camaradas Monthly Chile
Camouflage Air Journal Quarterly France
Canadian Aircraft Operator Fortnightly Canada
Canadian Aviation Monthly Canada
Canadian Aviation & Aircraft For Sale Bi-monthly Canada
Canadian Aviation News Fortnightly Canada
Canadian Aviator Monthly Canada
Canadian Flight Quarterly Canada
Canadian General Aviation News Monthly Canada
Canadian Homebuilt Aircraft ? Canada
Canadian Homebuilt Aircraft News Monthly Canada
Canadian Ultralight News Monthly Canada
CANCARR Quarterly Canada
Carnets de Vol (1) Monthly Belgium
Carnets de Vol (2) Monthly France
Centreline (1) Bi-monthly Netherlands
Centreline (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Cer Senin Bi-monthly Romania
Cessna Owner Monthly United States
Chanakya Aerospace Defence & Maritime Review Monthly India
Channel Islands Aviation News Monthly United Kingdom
Chile Aéreo Monthly Chile
China Aero Information Monthly China
China Air Force ? China
China Civil Aviation Monthly China
Ciel de Guerre Quarterly France
Ciencia Aeronautica y Astronautica Monthly Venezuela
Citizen Airman Bi-monthly United States
Civil Air Patrol News Monthly United States
Civil Aviation / al-Tairan al-Madani Bi-monthly Saudi Arabia
Civil Aviation News Science & Technology ? China
Classic Aircraft Monthly United Kingdom
Classic Wings Bi-monthly New Zealand
Cockpit (1) Bi-monthly Denmark
Cockpit (2) ? Greece
Cockpit (3) Bi-monthly Netherlands
Cockpit (4) Monthly Switzerland
Cockpit (5) Quarterly United States
Cockpit Forum Bi-monthly Norway
Code One Quarterly United States
Combat Aircraft Bi-monthly United States
Combat dans le Air Weekly France
Combat Report Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Commando ? Brazil
Commercial Aviation News Weekly United States
Commuter Regional Airline News Weekly United States
Concise Aerospace Monthly United Kingdom
Connaissance de l’Histoire Hachette Monthly France
Contact Quarterly Belgium
Contacto Aeronáutico Chile
Contacto! ? Portugal
Contrail Quarterly Japan
Control Column Monthly United Kingdom
COPA Flight Monthly Canada
Corporate Monthly Monthly United Kingdom
Coupe irregular Sweden
CROMIL – Croatian Military Magazine Biannually Croatia
Cross and Cockade International Journal Quarterly United Kingdom
Cross and Cockade Journal Quarterly United States
Curso De Modelismo Y Radio Control ? Spain
Custom Planes Monthly United States
Czech Defence & Aviation Industry Review Quarterly Czech Republic

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