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Title Publication Frequency Country
Daily Aviation News Daily Japan
Dan-Mil Annually Denmark
Das J├Ągerblatt Quarterly Germany
DC-3 Nyt Quarterly Denmark
De Vliegende Hollander Monthly Netherlands
Defence & Public Service Helicopter Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Defence Asia-Pacific Monthly Singapore
Defence International Monthly Taiwan
Defence Today (1) Quarterly Australia
Defence Today (2) Quarterly India
Defender Monthly Indonesia
Defensa Monthly Spain
Defensa Global Bi-annually Chile
Defense Technology Monthly Monthly Taiwan
Defense Week Weekly United States
Der Adler Fortnightly Germany
Der Deutsche Sportflieger Monthly Germany
Der Flieger Monthly Germany
Des Ailes et des Hommes Bi-monthly France
Deutsche Flugillustriert Weekly Germany
Die Deutsche Luftwaffe 1914 bis heute Weekly Germany
Die Luftreise Monthly Germany
Difesa Monthly Italy
Dirty Plastic Quarterly United States
Dispatch Quarterly United States
DogFight Bi-monthly France

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