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Title Publication Frequency Country
Haditechnika Monthly Hungary
Harrier Special Interest Group Quarterly United Kingdom
Hava Kuvvetleri Dergisi ? Turkey
Havacilik ve Spor Weekly Turkey
Havapeyma / مجله هواپیما Bi-monthly Iran
Hawkeye Monthly United Kingdom
Heli and Heliport Monthly Japan
Heli Ops International Quarterly New Zealand
Heli-News Australasia Monthly Australia
HeliAir Helicopteros Monthly Brazil
Helice Bi-Monthly Mexico
Helico Revue Quarterly Switzerland
Helicopter International Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Helicopter Japan Monthly Japan
Helicopter Life Quarterly United Kingdom
Helicopter Magazine Fortnightly United Kingdom
Helicopter News Fortnightly United States
Helicopter World Monthly United Kingdom
Helicopters Quarterly Canada
Helikoptery Świata Fortnightly Poland
Herkenning Bi-monthly Netherlands
High Flight Quarterly Canada
Histoire de Guerre Monthly France
Histoire et Maquettisme Bi-monthly France
Histoires Vraies de l’Aviation Monthly France
Historie a Vojenství Quarterly Czech Republic
History of Aviation Weekly United Kingdom
Hobby Monthly Germany
Hobby Historie ? Czech Republic
Hobby News Monthly Brazil
HPM Monthly Czech Republic
Hrvatski Vojnik Fortnightly Croatia
HT Model Magazin Quarterly Slovakia
Humberside Air Review Monthly United Kingdom

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