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Title Publication Frequency Country
I Ptisi / Η ΠΤΗΣΗ Monthly Greece
IAC News Quarterly United Kingdom
IAC.Nytt ? Sweden
IAPA Report Quarterly Denmark
Icare Quarterly France
Icaro Quarterly Spain
Il Corriere dell’Aviatore Monthly Italy
Il Notiziario I.P.M.S. Quarterly Italy
Illustrierte Flug-Woche Fortnightly Germany
Ilmailu Monthly Finland
Ilmailuyhdistyksen Tiedote Quarterly Finland
In Miniature Bi-monthly United States
Indian Airman and Spaceman Monthly India
Indian Aviation Monthly India
Indian Aviation – Civil & Military Weekly India
Indian Defence Review Quarterly India
Info-Pilote Monthly France
Informativo I.P.M.S. Quarterly Chile
InMiniature Quarterly Australia
Insats & Försvar Bi-monthly Sweden
Insignia Quarterly United Kingdom
Interavia Monthly Switzerland
Interavia Aerospace Review Monthly Switzerland
Interavia Business & Technology Monthly Switzerland
Interavia/Aerospace World Monthly Switzerland
Intercom Quarterly United Kingdom
International Aerospace Magazine Bi-monthly India
International Aerospace Review & Analysis Bi-monthly India
International Air Power Review Quarterly United States
International Airline Journal Quarterly Australia
International Aviation Monthly China
International Aviation News Monthly United Kingdom
International Aviation Review Monthly United Kingdom
IPMS Australasia Newsletter Quarterly Australia
IPMS Hawaii Magazine Bi-monthly United States
IPMS Magazine Quarterly United Kingdom
IPMS Nyt Quarterly Denmark
IPMS SA Magazine Quarterly South Africa
IPMS Swedish Air Force SIG ? United Kingdom
IPMS Venezuela En Accion Bi-monthly Venezuela
IPMS(NSW) News & Views Quarterly Australia
IPMS-USA Quarterly Quarterly United States
IPMS-USA Update Quarterly United States
Irish Air Letter Monthly Ireland
Irish Aviation Monthly Ireland
Irish Aviator Monthly Ireland
Islander News Quarterly United Kingdom
ISMO Annually Iceland
Israel Air Force Magazine Bi-monthly Israel
Istoriia Aviatsii – History of Aviation Bi-monthly Russia
Italian Aviation Research Branch ? Italy
Iz istorii aviatsii i kosmonavtiki Biannually Russia

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