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Title Publication Frequency Country
L’Aeronautique Fortnightly France
L’Aéronef Monthly France
L’Aeronef (2) ? Belgium
L’Aérophile Bi-monthly France
L’Air Fortnightly France
L’Ala Fortnightly Italy
L’Ala d’Italia Fortnightly Italy
L’Argus de l’Aviation Bi-monthly France
L’Aviation Fortnightly France
L’Aviation Belge ? Belgium
L’Aviation Commerciale Monthly France
L’Aviation Illustree Fortnightly France
L’Aviation Illustree/Luchtvaart in Beeld Monthly Belgium
L’Aviazione Weekly Italy
L’Encyclopédie Illustrée de l’Aviation Weekly France
La Conquete de L’Air/Lucht en Ruimtevaart Monthly Belgium
La Dernière Guerre Weekly France
La Guerre Aérienne Fortnightly France
La Lorgnette Annually Belgium
La Revue Aérienne Fortnightly France
La Revue de l’Aviation Monthly France
La Vie Aerienne (1) Bi-monthly France
La Vie Aérienne (2) Fortnightly France
La Vitrine du Maquettiste Quarterly France
Latin American Aviation News – LAAN Quarterly United States
Latin American Wings Quarterly Argentina
Le Fana de L’Aviation Monthly France
Le Monde de l’Aviation Monthly France
Le Moniteur de L’Aeronautique Monthly France
Le Trait d’Union Bi-monthly France
Lentoratas Annually Finland
Les Ailes (1) Weekly France
Les Ailes (2) Monthly France
Les Cahiers du Maquettisme Monthly France
Les Combats du Ciel Fortnightly France
Les Dossiers de l’AFHA Quarterly France
Let / Лет Quarterly Serbia
Letalo Bi-monthly Slovenia
Letecke Listy Quarterly Czech Republic
Letecky Obzor Bi-monthly Czech Republic
Letecky Zpravodaj Quarterly Czech Republic
LG Luftfahrt-Geschichte Bi-monthly Germany
Lietuvos Sparnai (1) Monthly Lithuania
Lietuvos Sparnai (2) Quarterly Lithuania
Ligue Aeronautique de France Monthly France
Limtuben Quarterly Norway
LK – Letectvi + Kosmonautika Fortnightly Czech Republic
Lockheed Horizons ? United States
Logbook (1) ? Australia
Logbook (2) Quarterly United States
Looping (1) ? Belgium
Looping (2) Monthly Sweden
Lost Birds Quarterly United States
Lot Polski Weekly Poland
Lotnictwo Aviation International Fortnightly Poland
Lotnictwo Wojskowe Bi-monthly Poland
Lotnictwo z Szachownica Quarterly Poland
Luchtvaart Monthly Netherlands
Luchtvaartwereld Monthly Netherlands
Luft- og rumfartsårbogen Annually Denmark
Luft-und Raumfahrt Quarterly Germany
Luftens Helter Monthly Norway
Luftfahrt Commercial Aviation Monthly Germany
Luftfahrt Illustriert Quarterly Germany
Luftfahrt International Bi-monthly Germany
Luftfahrt Journal Monthly Germany
Luftseilads Monthly Norway
Luftwaffe Monthly Germany
Luftwaffe SIG Journal Irregular Norway
Luftwaffe Verband Quarterly United States
Luftwaffen-Forum Quarterly Germany
Lumea Aviatiei Romania
Luso Scale Quarterly Portugal
Luso-Fanatics Quarterly Portugal
LV Quarterly Argentina

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