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Title Publication Frequency Country
M-Cats Quarterly Japan
M-Hobby Monthly Russia
Mach Quarterly Sweden
Mach 1 (1) Monthly Argentina
Mach 1 (2) Weekly France
Mach Magazine ? Belgium
Mach.82 Bi-monthly Spain
Magazin AeroNautic Monthly Romania
Mais Alto Bi-monthly Portugal
Mallari Quarterly Finland
Malta FlyPast Annually Malta
Maly Modelarz Monthly Poland
Man and Aerial Machines ? Australia
Manche Bi-monthly Brazil
MARI – Military Aviation Review International Monthly Netherlands
Marine Luchtvaart Magazine Bi-monthly Netherlands
Maritime Patrol Aviation Annually Canada
Maru Monthly Japan
Maru Extra Bi-monthly Japan
Masshtabnie Modeli ? Russia
Master en Modelismo Bi-monthly Argentina
Master Modelers Bi-monthly Japan
MBB Aktuell Monthly Germany
McDonnell Douglas Flight Approach Monthly United States
Meccano Magazine Monthly United Kingdom
Mercado Aereo ? Mexico
Microkit Quarterly Argentina
Microlight Flying Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Middle East Aviation Journal Bi-monthly UAE
Midwest Aviation Journal Bi-monthly United States
Midwest Flyer Magazine Bi-monthly United States
Militair News Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Militaria Quarterly Poland
Militaria i Fakty Bi-monthly Poland
Militaria XX Wieku Bi-monthly Poland
Military Aircraft Bi-monthly Japan
Military Aircraft Preview Monthly United States
Military Aviation Review (1) Monthly United Kingdom
Military Aviation Review (2) Monthly United Kingdom
Military Classics Quarterly Japan
Military Enthusiast Monthly Israel
Military in Scale Monthly United Kingdom
Military Panorama Journal Quarterly United States
Military Parade/Voennyi parad Bi-monthly Russia
Military Technology – MILTECH Monthly Germany
MilitærTeknikk Bi-Monthly Norway
Mini Replika Bi-monthly Poland
Mir Aviatsii Quarterly Russia
Mir Modeley / Мир Моделей ? Russia
Mission 112 Bi-monthly France
Mittelungen Quarterly Germany
MMA – Maquettes Modèles Actualités Bi-monthly France
Model Aircraft Monthly United Kingdom
Model Aircraft Monthly Monthly United Kingdom
Model Airplane ? China
Model Airplane International Monthly United Kingdom
Model Airplane News Monthly United States
Model Art (1) Monthly Japan
Model Art (2) Quarterly Serbia
Model Art International Monthly United Kingdom
Model Expert Monthly Greece
Model Fan Monthly Poland
Model Hobby (1) Monthly Czech Republic
Model Hobby (2) Bi-monthly Poland
Model Kit (2) Bi-Monthly Greece
Model Kit / Модел Кит ? Russia
Model Redukcyjny Bi-monthly Poland
Model Styl Quarterly Poland
Model Time Monthly Italy
Modelár A Modely Monthly Czech Republic
Model-Aire International Quarterly United States
Modelaid International Bi-monthly Malta
ModelArt Australia Monthly Australia
Modelarz Monthly Poland
Modelbouw In Plastic Quarterly Netherlands
Modelcraft Quarterly Australia
Modeler’s Journal (1) Monthly United States
Modeler’s Journal (2) Quarterly United States
Modelism / Моделисм Monthly Russia
Modelism International Quarterly Romania
Modelismo & Historia Monthly Spain
Modelismo En escala Quarterly Guatemala
Modelismo Latino Bi-monthly Mexico
Modelist Bi-monthly Romania
Modelist-Konstruktor / Моделист-Конструцтор Monthly Russia
Modell Bau Heute Monthly Germany
Modell es Makett Bi-monthly Hungary
Modell Magazin Monthly Germany
Modell Panorama Quarterly Austria
Modell-Fan Monthly Germany
Modellers’ Monthly Monthly Singapore
Modelling Monthly Greece
Modelograma Quarterly Chile
Modelograma Online Annually Chile
Modelworld Monthly United Kingdom
Modern Defence Technology Bi-monthly China
Mountain Pilot Bi-monthly United States
MPM – Maquettes Plastique Magazine Monthly France
MRT Evkönyv’- Konferancia Annually Hungary
MSI – Military Science & Intelligence Bi-monthly Turkey
Multimodel Biannually Chile
Mundo Aeronautico Monthly Argentina
Mushroom Model Magazine Quarterly United Kingdom
Mustang World Quarterly United Kingdom

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