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Title Publication Frequency Country
Pacific Flyer Monthly Australia
Pacific Flyer – Aviation News Monthly United States
Pacific Rotors Quarterly New Zealand
Pacific Skies Biannually Fiji
Pacific Ultralights Monthly Monthly Australia
Pacific Wings Monthly New Zealand
PAM News Quarterly United Kingdom
Panorama Quarterly Austria
Panorama Difesa Monthly Italy
Panoravia Monthly Netherlands
Parwaz unknown Pakistan
Pégase Quarterly France
Perajurit Malaysia
Periodiko Super Montelistis Gruppo Modelismo Quarterly Greece
Phoenix Quarterly Australia
PienoisMalli (1) Annually Finland
PienoisMalli (2) Monthly Finland
PienoisMalli Special Biannually Finland
Pillán Bi-monthly Chile
Piloot & Vliegtuig Monthly Netherlands
Pilot Monthly United Kingdom
Pilot Briefing Quarterly Sweden
Pilot Club Magazine Monthly Poland
Pilot Journal United States
Pilot LAA CR Quarterly Czech Republic
Pilot Magazin Monthly Romania
Pilot Magazinet Monthly Sweden
Pilot One ? Mexico
Pilot und Flugzeug Monthly Germany
Pilot Wojenny Bi-monthly Poland
Pilote Privé Monthly France
Piloto FEMPPA Magazine Quarterly Mexico
Pilots & Planes Monthly Netherlands
PIM Bi-monthly Netherlands
Pioneer Monthly Singapore
Pipers Magazine Monthly United States
Pista 18 Quarterly Argentina
Plane & Pilot Monthly United States
Plane & Pilot News Monthly United States
Planes Monthly United Kingdom
Planet Aerospace (1) Quarterly France
Planet Aerospace (2) Quarterly Germany
Plany Modelarskie Bi-monthly Poland
Plastic Aircraft Models International Monthly United Kingdom
Plastic Kit Constructor – PKC Quarterly United Kingdom
Plastics Modeller Bi-monthly Australia
Plastik Modell Bi-monthly Germany
PNAHF Journal Annually United States
Point Fixe Magazine Annually France
Polemos & Istoria / ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ & ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Monthly Greece
Poligon / Полигон ? Russia
Polska Flota Napowietrzna ? Poland
Popular Aviation (1) Monthly United States
Popular Flying (1) Monthly United Kingdom
Popular Flying (2) Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Popular Rotorcraft Flying United States
Pri-Fly Journal Quarterly United States
Private Pilot Monthly United States
Professional Pilot Monthly United States
ProModell Bi-monthly Hungary
Propel Monthly Denmark
Propliner Quarterly United Kingdom
Przeglad Lotniczy Monthly Poland
Przeglad Lotniczy Aviation Revue Monthly Poland
Przeglad WLOP Monthly Poland
Przeglad Wojsk Lotniczych I Wojsk Obrony Powietrznej Kraju Monthly Poland
Ptisi & Diastima / ΠΤΗΣΗ & ΔΙΑΣΤΗΜΑ Monthly Greece

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