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Title Publication Frequency Country
R.A.F. WWII Special Interest Group Newsletter Quarterly United Kingdom
RAF Magazine Quarterly United Kingdom
Rag and Tube Quarterly Australia
Raids Monthly Italy
Random Thoughts Quarterly Canada
Rapide Quarterly United Kingdom
Raport WTO Monthly Poland
Reconnaissance Monthly Netherlands
Regional Airline World Monthly United Kingdom
Remove Before Flight Magazine Bi-monthly Greece
Replic Monthly France
Replica In Scale Quarterly United States
Repülés Monthly Hungary
Research of Aviation History ? China
Revi Bi-monthly Czech Republic
Revija Obramba Monthly Slovenia
Revista (1) Quarterly Brazil
Revista (2) Quarterly Brazil
Revista Aerea Monthly United States
Revista Aerea de Guatemala Monthly Guatemala
Revista Aerea Latinoamericana Monthly United States
Revista Aeronáutica ? Brazil
Revista Aeronautica (1) Annually Bolivia
Revista Aeronauticei si Marinei Monthly Romania
Revista de Aeronautica y Astronautica Monthly Spain
Revista de Aviación y Astronáutica Monthly Argentina
Revista de Informaciones Aeronauticas Monthly Argentina
Revista de la Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca Annually Guatemala
Revista do Ar Quarterly Portugal
Revista Espanola De Defensa Monthly Spain
Revista Espanola Historia Militar Monthly Spain
Revista Forca Aerea Quarterly Brazil
Revista InterXtra Aviacion Bi-monthly Mexico
Revista Nacional de Aeronautica Monthly Argentina
Revista SERGA Monthly Spain
Revista Sipaer Monthly Brazil
Revue Aéronautique de France Monthly France
Revue Aerospatiale Monthly France
RID – Rivista Italiana Difesa Monthly Italy
Rivista Aeronautica Bi-monthly Italy
Rivista Militare Bi-monthly Italy
Romania Aeriana Monthly Romania
Rotor Quarterly United States
Rotor & Wing Monthly United States
Rotor India Quarterly India
Rotor Journal Monthly Germany
Rotor Review Quarterly United States
Rotor Torque Quarterly United Kingdom
Rotorblatt Quarterly Germany
Rotorcraft United States
ROTORslap Quarterly Netherlands
Roundel Quarterly United Kingdom
Royal Air Force Air Power Review Quarterly United Kingdom
Royal Air Force Journal Monthly United Kingdom
Royal New Zealand Air Force News Monthly New Zealand

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