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Title Publication Frequency Country
SA Flyer Monthly South Africa
Sabre Jet Classics Quarterly United States
Samolet – Aviation Magazine Bi-monthly Latvia
Samolet / Самолет Bi-monthly Russia
Samolety Mira / Самолеты Мира Quarterly Russia
Samoliot / Самолиот Monthly Russia
Samoloty Weekly Poland
Sanye Havayi / صنایع حمل و نقل هوایی Monthly Iran
Sapmail Monthly Australia
Satria Maritim Quarterly Malaysia
Savunma ve Havacilik Bi-monthly Turkey
Scala Quarterly Sweden
Scale Monthly Germany
Scale Aircraft Modeler Quarterly United States
Scale Aircraft Modelling Monthly United Kingdom
Scale Aviation Bi-monthly Japan
Scale Aviation Modeller International Monthly United Kingdom
Scale Dimensions Quarterly New Zealand
Scale Modeler Monthly United States
Scale Models International Monthly United Kingdom
Scale Plastiks Monthly Singapore
Scale Wings Bi-monthly Italy
Schneider Irregular Japan
Schweizer Flug Revue ? Switzerland
Schweizer Luftwaffe – Die Offizielle Jahrespublikation Annually Switzerland
Scottish Air News Monthly United Kingdom
Scramble Monthly Netherlands
Scramble! ? United Kingdom
Screamin’ Leeming Monthly United Kingdom
SEAR – South East Air Review Monthly United Kingdom
Seguranca & Defesa Quarterly Brazil
Sekai no Sentoki (Combat Aircraft of the World) Weekly Japan
Seventy Second Scale Modeller – S3M Quarterly United Kingdom
Shaheen Quarterly Pakistan
Shtit / штит Quarterly Macedonia
Sighroni Aeroporia & Naftiko / ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΑ & ΝΑΥΤΙΚΟ Bi-monthly Greece
Sighronos Stratos / ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΟΣ ΣΤΡΑΤΟΣ Monthly Greece
Siivet – Wings Bi-monthly Finland
Sintesi Monthly Italy
Sirius (2) Monthly Italy
Sirius Magazine Bi-monthly Portugal
Skrzydla i Motor Weekly Poland
Skrzydla W Miniaturze ? Poland
Skrzydlata Polska Monthly Poland
Sky Model Bi-monthly Italy
Sky Sports Quarterly Japan
Sky Warriors Monthly Malta
Skyliner Bi-Monthly Germany Monthly Switzerland
Skyrevue Bi-Monthly Austria
Skyways (1) Monthly India
Skyways (2) Monthly United States
Skyways (3) Quarterly United States
Slat Quarterly Uruguay
Slipstream Quarterly Australia
Small Air Forces Observer Quarterly United States
Small Scale Aviator Quarterly United Kingdom
Smoke On … Go! Quarterly United Kingdom
Smoke Trails Quarterly United States
Sobrevuelo Quarterly Chile
Soldat Und Technik Monthly Germany
Soldiers – Raids Monthly Spain
South African Aeronews Monthly South Africa
South American Aviation News Bi-monthly Brazil
South Pacific Aviation Quarterly Fiji
Southeast Aviation News Quarterly United States
SP’s Aviation Quarterly India
Space / Aeronautics Monthly United States
Spaceflight News Monthly United Kingdom
Sparnota Latvija Monthly Latvia
SpeedNews Weekly United States
Spinneri Quarterly Finland
Spirit of the Air Bi-monthly United Kingdom
Spitfire Biannually United Kingdom
Sport Aerobatics Monthly United States
Sport Flyer Monthly United States
Sport Flying United States
Sport Pilot Hot Kits & Homebuilts Monthly United States
Sport si Tehnica Monthly Romania
Sports Aviation Monthly Japan
Sportsman Pilot Quarterly United States
Staffel Monthly Spain
Star Kits Bi-monthly Spain
Stend-Master / Стенд-Мастер ? Russia
Stendoviy Modelism / Стендовий Моделисм ? Russia
Storia del Novocento Monthly Italy
Storia dell’Aviazone Weekly Italy
Storia Militare Monthly Italy
Storia Modelismo Monthly Italy
Strategia & Difesa Monthly Italy
Stratigiki / ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΙΚΗ Monthly Greece
Strobe Monthly United Kingdom
Suomen Ilmailuhistoriallinen Lehti Quarterly Finland
Suomen Siivet Bi-monthly Finland
Super Model Bi-monthly Poland
Svenska Flyghistorisk Tidskrift Bi-monthly Sweden
SW Aviator United States
SWAG MAG Monthly United Kingdom
SWAN – South West Aviation News ? United Kingdom
Swiss Aviation Fortnightly Switzerland

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