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This is the index page for the Aeroflight guide to the aircraft magazines of the world. The guide is organised on a country-by-country and frequency of publication basis, with details of all news-stand and subscription-only magazines which are, or were, available in that country.

Details of each title include: publisher, ISSN number and current status, together with an outline of the style and typical content of the magazine. Where possible, contact details are provided for all titles which are still being published.

An alphabetical index of titles is also available. For several of these titles contents listings are available.

The countries included in this guide are:

One thought on “By Country

  1. Australian Aviation Magazines, ‘Man and Aerial Machines’ request these corrections and/or additions to your entry
    1. Add: ISSN 1037-5120
    2. Correct sentence 4 to read: “Publication is a bit irregular.”
    3. Correct status to read: “Current”
    4. Correct address to: 5 Tea Tree Avenue, Aberglasslyn, NSW, 2320
    Many thanks

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