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Woodford, Cheshire
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SK7 1QR North West
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 2 Open

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What’s Here

This is a small museum consisting of 5 rooms, plus an archive. It has photos and displays of all the items (aircraft, etc) built by AVRO and the history of the company. It includes many large models of build and projected aircraft designs.
Although the BAE SYSTEMS factory has now closed, the future of the Avro Heritage Centre is looking bright. A brand new Centre is being developed with the site owners, which will be 70% bigger and have Vulcan XM603 located next to it. The latter is also to be refurbished.


At Woodford Aerodrome, on the A5102 to the south of Manchester, between Wilmslow and Poynton.

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Opening Hours:

Visits are currently by prior appointment only. Contact the Heritage Centre on 0161 440 0487 on Tuesday or Thursday between 10.30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Persons under the age of 15 are not permitted on site.
The Heritage Centre is open for tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.45 am and 12.00 p.m. Cameras are not allowed.




They have a small shop where you can get items (books, brochures, photographs) of Avro equipment.

Model of Lancaster RE172 KM-S**
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Lancaster Bomb Aimers Panel
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Lancaster Bomb Sight
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Lancaster Instrument Panel
(photo, Phillip Evans)

** Wrong codes as never served with 44 [Rhodesia] Sqn.

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
XM603 Avro Vulcan B.2* XM603 Complete Displayed

* elsewhere on site – not usually available to vistors.
Avro RJX G-ORJX has moved to Prestwick.

More Information

Avro Heritage Centre, Woodford Aerodrome, Chester Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 1QR. Tel: 0161 440 0487.

Avro Heritage
Avro Heritage Ltd

Lancaster T1154/R1155 Transmitter/Receiver
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Winston Churchill’s chair from an Avro York
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Model of XM603 in camouflage
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Model of XM603 in anti-flash white
(photo, Phillip Evans)
Vulcan B.2 XM603 (photo, Phillip Evans) Vulcan nose (photo, Phillip Evans)
Vulcan engines (photo, Phillip Evans) Vulcan tail (photo, Phillip Evans)

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25 thoughts on “Avro Heritage Centre

  1. Woodford has played such an important role in aviation. I was fortunate to have attended technical training on the RJ70 at this location and was so impressed by the people at BAE and being able to talk to docents at the museum. Please trust that those of us who have spent our lives in aviation will never Woodford, AV Roe, it’s people or it’s place in history.

  2. Woodford has played such an important role in aviation. I was fortunate to have attended technical training on the RJ70 at this location and was so impressed by the people at BAE and being able to talk to docents at the museum. Please trust that those of us who have spent our lives in aviation will never forget Woodford, AV Roe, it’s people or it’s place in history.

  3. It’s such a sad state of affairs what the government is doing to Woodford right now. If there is any possible chance the iconic Vulcan would be welcomed to be taken apart and parked anywhere then I could provide the transport for free. Let’s save her for future generations

  4. Kevin

    Do you want any of these ? If so I will bring them over.

    Derek Brumhead


    2000: 2001: 2002 (December): 2003 (August, September, October): 2004: 2005:
    2006 (January): 2007 (November, December).

    (Except those in brackets)

  5. We have recently had donated a day out with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Lancaster bomber, Spitfire, Hurricane)and a VIP day out with the Red Arrows. The donator is a serving member of the RAF at Kinloss whose partner passed away after contracting aspergillosis in 2009 and all of the proceeds with go to aid research via the Fungal Research Trust (www.fungalresearchtrust.org) and the National Aspergillosis Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital.

    Please circulate these details to as many people as possible. The auction ends on July 27th


    Many thanks

    Dr Graham Atherton

  6. @ Darren Clegg, I am becoming increasingly concerned about a safe home for 603 … although not in, or around Manchester, I believe to have a new home for her … this is a serious proposition, so will you please email me at a.hammant@btinternet.com … thank you.

  7. My Dad worked at Woodford from the day he was apprenticed to the day he died. Eric Oliver was his name and I followed him into the factory as an apprentice on the 801 until I left to join the Australian Air Force in 1968.

    It is so sad to see the great heritage of this place die along with all it’s dedicated employees.

    Great aircraft were made here by skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen and their legacy will live for ever.

    Tony Oliver

  8. I was please to read in the Stockport Heritage Mag, about the Lancaster and showing Roy DObson, my father Jack Manning was one of the engineers working on the plane,he mentioned Roy, also working and sleeping at his bench to get the plane off the ground, I look forward to reading more about the plane. Best wishes Diane Goodwin

  9. For some fourty years ago when manager of the Lasham Gliding Society I acquired a Avro Genet Major propeller with this identification on on the boss : P4OFT, Y090LHT,D625FT R3/AN/652B,RS/11/33 @ R3/AN/652B. In 1989 I was informed by the RAF Hendon Museum that it was likely that these props were fitted on the Avro Avian and Cadet but not military A/c. I would appreciate, as an ex RAF Halton Apprentice (1935) and RAF and civilian pilot, any info. you may have of A/C fitted with this type of prop.Many thanks

  10. My father Raymond Cawley (known as Jim) worked on the Blue steel research and development project at Woodford and I remember Avro Christmas parties where Father Christmas arrived in a Vulcan
    Anne Monk ( nee Cawley)

  11. My father Stanley Williams worked at Avros in the late 1940/1950 period. Can anyone help me find information about him . He died in Canada when I was 7 years old

    Peter Williams

    Tel 01483275242

  12. I’ve just heard the sad news that 2015 will be the last flying season for XH558 – I think it would be entirely befitting for it to become a permanent feature of the Avro Heritage Centre…

  13. My dad Barry Cruise worked at Woodford for over 20 years and is now 81, he called at Woodford today to try to buy a ticket for the Vulcan flight but the guy on the gate wouldn’t let him in because he wasn’t a member, please can I buy a ticket and also how can he join?

  14. Avro and the Vulcan has been a part of my Family since 1916 and part of my life since I first saw a Vulcan engine test. The test was VX777 having its first full engine test. I was only a young lad but I met Roley Falk and Sir Roy Dobson (Dobbie) I was taken to the test by Uncle Ted (Charles Edward Fielding)he was the Production Director. CE Fielding never gets any mentions in reports. He developed the method of Aircraft Production documentation which is essentially in use today, or it would be if we still built aircraft.
    I am so sad to see the end of the Vulcan’s flying history. A sad time but at least I can remember it with great pride. I wish Uncle Ted could be here to enjoy it as well.

  15. Whilst celebrating the life of the Vulcan I would like us all to remember the Crew who died in the Vulcan Crash at Heathrow, following a record breaking flight to Australia. The Two pilots ejected but the three in the back including an Avro person were lost. I cant remember his name but I ask you all to think of him when to see the Vulcan either flying this weekend or static in the future.

  16. My father Edward Trim worked on the Vulcan for many years. He was present at Farnborough about 1952 when it first flew. He told me about the rumpus when the pilot rolled it without permission. He worked at both Woodford and Chadderton.

  17. Re David Trim I worked at Woodford 1962-1971 in the finishing dept. my foreman was an Edgar Trim any relative ?worked on Vulcan 748 780 and Nimrod happy days lots of memories the theives neck for one.

  18. To Yvonne Cooper I remember Barry we worked in the finishing section he might remember me as I was shop steward and the only Scotsman on the section .

  19. I was a boy and used to watch the experimental darts at woodford they had 3 with delta wings I can’t remember the colours. And I watched the first Vulcan take off, it very noisey,I think it was 1953,if anybody has any further information I would be glad to hear from you.

  20. An odd query. my grandmother has recently revealed that she worked on Vulcan as a scale drawer and “chaser” back in the early 50’s as an employer of A V Roe at Woodford. I would love to trace this back but I haven’t the foggiest where to start. Any hints?

  21. I have loved aeroplanes all my life i used to write to all the aero companies when i was at school for photographs etc and made a good scrapbook unfortuneatly lost in time i remember my dad being invited to the first flight of the vulcan i was about 9 at the time and i kicked of because i couldn’t go he had something to do with the government

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