Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project

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Fordhouses, West Midlands
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WV9 5EW West Midlands
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 20 Closed

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What’s Here

This museum was dedicated to the historic aircraft manufacturer Boulton Paul, and the aviation heritage of the Wolverhampton area. The exhibits were housed within the former Boulton Paul factory. Although more of a busy workshop than a display museum, the rare exhibits and active and friendly volunteer workers made this low key location well worth a visit.
During October 2011 the new owners of the factory announced plans to relocate work elsewhere and shut the Fordhouses site permanently at the end of 2012. This meant that the Heritage Project had to find a new home. Eventually RAF Museum Cosford offered to house the archives and exhibits, and these were duly moved between October 2012 and April 2013.


Within the Smiths Aerospace complex, in Wobaston Road, on the left hand side, 1.5 miles from the A445 Wolverhampton to Stafford road.

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Opening Hours:

This attraction closed permanently at the end of October 2012.


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Balliol T.2 WN149 (photo, Kevin Pitt) Defiant I FSM ‘L7005’ (photo, Kevin Pitt)
Defiant I N3378 (photo, Kevin Pitt) P.6 FSM ‘X-25’ (photo, Kevin Pitt)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Fate
G-FBPI ANEC IV Missel Thrush G-FBPI Fuselage Removed
RA01641 Antonov An-2 RA-01641 Complete Sold
VP519 Avro Anson C.19/2 VP519 Cockpit Relocated
‘X-25’ Boulton Paul P.6 FSM Relocated
WN149 Boulton Paul Balliol T.2 WN149 Fuselage Relocated
WN534 Boulton Paul Balliol T.2 WN534 Cockpit Removed
N3378 Boulton Paul Defiant I WN149 Fuselage Relocated
‘L7005’ Boulton Paul Defiant FSM Relocated
Boulton Paul Overstrand Nose Reproduction Relocated
WJ576 English Electric Canberra T.17 WJ576 Nose Removed
ET-272 Hawker Hunter T.7 ET-272 Cockpit Relocated
D-5233 Hirth Govier 3 D-5233 Complete Removed
XR662 Hunting Jet Provost T.4 XR662 Complete Removed
‘PD685’ Slingsby Cadet TX.1 ? Complete Removed
WT877 Slingsby T-31B Cadet TX.3 WT877 Complete Removed
XE799 Slingsby T-31B Cadet TX.3 XE799 Complete Removed
WZ755 Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1 WZ755 Complete Removed
XK822 Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1 XK822 Complete Removed
G-BPIP Slingsby T.31M Motor Cadet III G-BPIP Complete Removed
CFZ Slingsby T.8 Tutor BGA.1759 Complete Relocated

Note: Upon closure the airframes on loan to BPA were removed by their owners. Exhibits owned by the BPA were relocated to RAF Museum Cosford.

More Information

The former postal address was: The Boulton Paul Association, Boulton Paul Heritage Project, c/o Moog Aircraft Group, Wobaston Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, WV9 5EW. Association Chairman Cyril W Plimmer, Tel: 01902 843118, e-mail: Website:

Turret being restored (photo, Kevin Pitt) Anson VP519 nose(photo, Kevin Pitt)

Thanks to Alec Brew for updating this information.
Overstrand nose (photo, Kevin Pitt)

14 thoughts on “Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project

  1. Would you confirm the road number which you say is the A445 as I believe that this is in fact the A449 from Wolverhampton to stafford. Wobaston road is off the A449. Thankyou.

  2. Wow, I’m amazed! Is there an online photograph collection showing a step by step process of the building of the two replicas, i.e. the P.6 and the Defiant?

  3. It was a nostalgic pleasure to walk amongst these old aricraft and see the skills of the craftsmen still being used today to reconstruct the airframes of yesteryear. a very pleasant and interesting experience. Keep up the worthwhile good work. Well worth a future visit.

  4. Father worked at BP during the war, writing the instruction manuals for gun turrets amongst other design duties. Grew up with Pendeford over the back fence so to speak, and spent all the time I was allowed as a child at the aero club, where Dad was a founder member. Getting set to make a 1/8th scale of the Balliol. Does anyone have access to original drawings? I have used basic drawings to measure and recreate the model on CAD, but short on detail. I live in Australia so access to Cosford or the BP museum isn’t on sadly.

  5. Dear Sirs
    Looking through my late fathers airforce records I find an original piece of a Boulton Paul Defiant. On the reverse it has the markings. GX-321. 6 Squadron 1940. The part has three holes in it (12mm?). The piece looks to have been cut out of an aircraft, still with two of the original colours intact. Any information ??. Regards John Cundell.
    Contact telephone 07811 979892.

  6. It is good to see the museum, and nice to see it ongoing, i have a ww2 raincoat inside it is writen the name and address of the former owner, a employee of the boulton paul aircraft factory, he was call A . GREEN, anyone know of him?

  7. Is it true that you’ve been told you must find a new location? If so; have you made any progress, & where seems likely?

  8. I was made aware of the crash landing of a towed ‘troop carrier’ glider on the Sedgley side of Penn Common, Wolverhampton in 1945, by my elder brother. I was only five years old, I was taken by my brother and his friends to play in it.
    I was told that it came from Boulton and Paul at Wolverhampton. Does anyone know anything about it, and how it flew there?

  9. My father worked for B&P from 1940 -45 I am researching B&P aircraft when they were at Norwich and I would like to find the photograph of a Sidestrand flying over Mousehold aerodrome (now a housing estate). I have seen one such photograph in the past and now would like to see it again.

  10. Does anyone know the circumstances surrounding the crash of a Boulton Paul Balliol on Dartmoor, on approach to Yelverton Harrobeer WW2 Runway, I think in the late 50’s . It was a fatal crash and I visited the site as a child. Would be interesting to know the cause, it could have come from Collerne or Middle Wallop. Thanks Dave

  11. an anyone help me,I Know Boulton Paul made a MK3 Cockle canoe has anyone any info or plans on this item. I have a mk1 and a MK2 (as used by the Cockleshell heroes) i would now like to build the Mk3 i have the engine and most of the info any help would be greatly received.

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