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Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire
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United Kingdom
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circa. 12 Closed

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What’s Here

The Bristol Aero Collection is dedicated to preserving the aircraft, helicopters and aero engines produced by the Bristol Aircraft Company. In 1995 the Collection agreed a 10-year lease for a hangar at Kemble Airfield, and in Easter 2000 opened to the general public for the first time. As a result of the approaching expiry of it’s lease on hangar A1, the collection moved during the winter of 2005-06 to a similar-sized hangar, E2, on the same site.
By 2012, plans for a dedicated aerospace museum close to Filton Airfield were well advanced, in close cooperation with the Concorde Trust. Consequently, the Kemble facility was closed at the end of May 2012 and the collection put into storage. A site has now been secured for the planned Bristol Aerospace Centre, and funding for construction is being assembled.

An added attraction at this location was the presence on the Kemble airfield of Delta Jets, which restores and operates a number of airworthy jet warbirds. Bristol Britannia XM496 is not part of the Bristol Aero Collection, but was also open to visitors whenever to collection was open.


Hangar E2 at Kemble Airfield, on the A429 south-west of Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

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Toilets, Parking, Partial access for the disabled.

General view of the collection Beagle 206 G-ARRM
GAF Jindivik 4 A92-708 Bristol Brigand TF.1 RH746

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde Cabin mock-up Displayed
G-ATDD Beagle 206-1 G-ATDD Nose Displayed
XF785 Bristol 173 Srs 1* XF785 Complete Displayed
‘G-EASQ’ Bristol Babe III Reproduction Displayed
9048 Bristol Bolingbroke IVT 9048 Complete Displayed
G-ALRX Bristol Britannia 101 % G-ALRX Nose Displayed
XM496 Bristol Britannia 253 ** EL-WXA Complete Taxi-able
XJ917 Bristol Sycamore HR.14 XJ917 Complete Displayed
A92-708 GAF Jindivik 4 A92-708 Complete Displayed
XV798 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 XV798 Complete Displayed

* = On loan from RAF Museum, Cosford.
** = Owned by the Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society.
Britannia G-ANCF has moved to Speke Airport with the Jetstream Club. Beagle 206-1X G-ARRM has moved to Shoreham, W. Sussex. Bristol Brigand TF.1 RH746 has moved to RAF Cosford.

More Information

Bristol Aero Collection, Concorde at Filton, PO Box 77, Filton, Bristol, BS99 7AR. Tel: 01285 771204 or 0117 9620820. e-mail:, website: Bristol Aero Collection.

Another general view Bristol Babe III G-EASQ
Britannia 308F G-ANCF fuselage Harrier GR.1 XV798
Britannia 101 G-ALRX nose Bristol Sycamore HR.14 XJ917

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3 thoughts on “Bristol Aero Collection

  1. Beagle 206 has gone to Shoreham
    Brigand has also gone somewhere for restoration, I believe, but cannot verify.
    The northern, air-side, part of the original RAF Station is now called Cotswold Airport, and is fenced off.
    Hangar E2 is leased by Airbus who have currently sub-leased a bit less than half to the B.A.C. for five years up to 2012
    Hangar E2 is “similar to” not “smaller than” A1
    Your photos show hangar A1

  2. Hello everybody…I’m a Puerto Rican american born after the WW2 I love aviation history,but due to my life style I have fallen in love De havilland Hawkers 125 A1-3A-3B I’m also an admirer RAF’s Dominie it would be great if RAF could donate one to you guys.ADELANTE… carry on and thank you for you existance,I loook forward to visit,in near future,may GOD bless the Queen and us all.

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