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Weybridge, Surrey
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KT13 0QN South East
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 38 Open

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What’s Here

The Brooklands Museum tells the story of the development of British motorsport and aviation at the site from 1907. Brooklands-based aviation companies such as Sopwith, Martinsyde and Vickers played a key role in the development of aviation. Displays and exhibits portray the contribution of the area in both world wars, and also in the post-war years with Vickers and later BAC. An exhibition on Grand Prix motor racing can also be seen. The Concorde Experience opened in August 2006.


On the B374 south of Weybridge, Surrey. Well signed from Junctions 10 or 11 of the M25. The entrance to the museum is on Brooklands Drive, from Wellington Way off the B374 or Sopwith Drive off the A245.

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Opening Hours:

Open daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (last entry 4.00 pm), Easter to October (during BST); Winter months 10.00 am to 4.00 pm (last entry 3.00 pm). Not open December 23rd – 27th.


See official site for details. There is an additional fee for Concorde.


Toilets, Parking, Cafe, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled.

Roe I Biplane (replica) in a reproduction of
Roe’s shed (photo, Nigel Roling/Pentavia)
Demoiselle (replica) BAPC.194
(photo, Nigel Roling/Pentavia)
Viscount 806 G-APIM (photo, Dan Lord) P.1127 XP894 (photo, Dan Lord)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
HFZ Abbott-Baynes Scud I BGA.3922 Reproduction Stored
‘G-AACA’ Avro 504K BAPC.177 Reproduction Displayed
‘KB976’ Avro Lancaster 10AR Forward Fuselage Displayed
G-BBDG Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde 202 G-BBDG Complete Displayed
Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde Cockpit Simulator Displayed
G-ASYD BAC One-Eleven 475AM G-ASYD Complete Displayed
BAC TSR-2 Cockpit Off-site
‘2’ Bleriot XI G-LOTI Reproduction Displayed
F-BGEQ de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth NL846 Complete Dismantled
WP921 De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 G-ATJJ Cockpit Displayed
‘K5673’ Hawker Fury I BAPC.249 Full Scale Model Displayed
‘XF314’ Hawker Hunter F.51 E-412 Complete Displayed
E-421 Hawker Hunter F.51 E-421 Complete Displayed
Z2389 Hawker Hurricane IIa Z2389 Complete Displayed
XP894 Hawker P.1127 XP894 Complete Displayed
G-VTOL Hawker Siddeley Harrier T.52 ZA250 Complete Displayed
G-AEKV Kronfeld Drone de Luxe G-AEKV Complete Displayed
G-MJPB Manuel Ladybird G-MJPB Complete Dismantled
Manuel Willow Wren BGA.162 Complete Stored
‘G-ADRY’ Mignet H.M.14 Flying Flea BAPC.29 Reproduction Off-site
Roe I Biplane BAPC.187 Reproduction Displayed
G-ROEI Roe I Biplane G-ROEI Reproduction Displayed
Rogallo hang-glider Complete Stored
‘F5475’ Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a BAPC.250 Full Scale Model Displayed
Santos-Dumont Demoiselle BAPC.256 Replica Displayed
XX499 Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.1 XX499 Complete Displayed
ATH Slingsby T.15 Gull III BGA.643 Complete Stored
‘B7270’ Sopwith F.1 Camel G-BFCZ Reproduction Displayed
Sopwith Tabloid floatplane Replica In-build
WK198 Supermarine Swift F.4 WK198 Fuselage Displayed
‘G-EBED’ Vickers 60 Viking IV BAPC.114 Full Scale Model Displayed
G-AGRU Vickers 498 Viking 1A G-AGRU Complete Displayed
G-APEP Vickers 953C Merchantman G-APEP Complete Displayed
G-APEJ Vickers Merchantman G-APEJ Nose Displayed
XD816 Vickers Valiant B(K).1 XD816 Nose Stored
WF372 Vickers Varsity T.1 WF372 Complete Displayed
A40-AB Vickers 1103 VC10 G-ASIX Complete Displayed
G-ARVM Vickers VC10 Srs 1101 G-ARVM Nose Displayed
Vickers 1101 VC10 Nose Displayed
Vickers Vimy Cockpit/Engine Nacelles Displayed
NX71MY Vickers Vimy NX71MY Reproduction Displayed
G-APIM Vickers Viscount 806 G-APIM Complete Displayed
XT575 Vickers Viscount 837 OE-LAG Cockpit Displayed
N2980 Vickers Wellington IA N2980 Complete Displayed
Vickers Wellington Front Fuselage Replica Displayed
G-BJHV Voisin Biplane G-BJHV Reproduction Displayed
White Monoplane Reproduction In-build

Notes: Beagle 206-1X G-ARRM is on loan to FAST Museum at Farnborough. DH Vampire T.11 ‘U-1215’ was moved off site by it’s owner in 2001. Sea Vixen XJ571 has moved to the Southampton Hall of Aviation. The Curtiss D Pusher was sold by the owner to Kermit Weeks, Demoiselle BAPC.194 has been returned to the RAF Museum and Supermarine 544 cockpit was returned to its private owner in 2001. Hunter T.7 XL621 ‘G-BNCX’ has been moved off site by it’s owner.

More Information

Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0QN. Tel: 01932 857381, e-mail:, Website: Brooklands Museum.


Wellington IA N2980 (photo, Dan Lord) Wellington rear view (photo, Dan Lord)
Wellington nose (photo, Dan Lord) Grand Slam Bomb (photo, Dan Lord)
Avro 504K ‘G-AACA’ (photo, Dan Lord) Viking 1A G-AGRU (photo, Dan Lord)
Fury I ‘K5673’ (photo, Dan Lord) Hurricane IIa Z2389 (photo, Dan Lord)
Merchantman nose G-APEJ (photo, Dan Lord) Viscount 837 nose XT575 (photo, Dan Lord)
TSR-2 cockpit section (photo, Dan Lord) VC10 nose (photo, Dan Lord)
Hunter F.51 E-421 (photo, Dan Lord) Varsity T.1 WF372 (photo, Dan Lord)
Merchantman G-APEP (photo, Dan Lord) VC10 A40-AB (photo, Dan Lord)
Rapier-Railton car (photo, Dan Lord) Hunter T.7 XL621 (photo, Dan Lord)

Thanks to Julian Temple for help with updating this page.

7 thoughts on “Brooklands Museum

  1. Very dissapointing visit. After travelling 50 miles, paying for entrance to see Concorde we were then asked for more money if we actually wanted to see inside. One of the hangars were closed (due to staff manning the pay for concorde exhibit) and if it had not been for the Wellington, there would have been little interest. We had to sit in a drafty cold tent for lunch at Exhibition prices.

  2. As a frequent visitor to Brooklands myself, I can assure you that these comments are a travesty of the real situation. Hangars are never ‘closed due to staff manning the pay for Concorde exhibit’. In April, there was a change of caterers and the tea room was temporarily closed for a major ‘make-over’, a fact that was made clear to all visitors when I was there. Brooklands had to pay out almost £500,000 to transport and re-build the Concorde and, as it receives no grants, it has to recover this cost from visitors. Believe me, it is worth every penny of the £4 that it costs for the 35 minute experience. I have yet to meet any other visitor who was dissatisfied or less than very enthusiastic.

  3. Supermarine Swift WK198 (fuselage only – ex World Air Speed Record holder when flown by Mike Lithgow in 1953) arrived on 3rd Feb 2011 on loan from Unimetal Industries Ltd. Please note that due to space constraints not all of our aircraft exhibits are always on display – for example none of the gliders, the 2008 Avroplane replica and the White Monoplane are all currently dismantled and stored.

    Please note that I am now the Museum’s General Manager (not Curator of Aviation any more).

    Finally, I note that most of the pictures you use of our exhibits are very old and out of date – please let me know if you would like me to email some new ones.

    We ARE open on Good Fridays and

  4. Just seen your website but visited there in April 2009 whilst visiting from Australia with my 2 young boys. Their mouths remained open as did their eyes every place we went! The staff in the hangers told them so many stories and let them touch and feel the planes. The race track and the concorde and all the old passenger planes…..They absolutely loved the whole experience and still talk about it 2 years later! There could not be a better place to take boys of any age. Would absolutely thoroughly recommend this. It is a whiole day out and well worth it.

  5. Have visited Brooklands for the first time since I was at end of war chidrens party age 5, in 1945 at Vickers Aircraft factory. My Mother and Farther met at Vickers and married at which Mum had to leave Vickers as married women were not allowed to stay. Had a great day.

  6. Interesting visit, especially the Railton, Wellington, Hawker Fury and the Lancaster. Many exhibits are looking omewhat tired, I heard some of the volunteers slagging off other exhibits and was disturbed to learn that the Wellingtn hangar was going to be demolished then rebuilt elsewhere in some vain hope of reopening the finishing straight. I cannot see it happening, once that hangar goes down, it would unlikely be able to be rebuilt and besides, the heritage is where and how it is at the moment.

    IMO, Brooklands has had its day, many lost opportunities in the 70s, Mercedes Benz world should never have been allowed to be built, the site should have been preserved and what the hell is a bus museum doing there? Great shame and it pains me to see the site as it is now.

  7. I visited Brooklands earlier this year (18th April). I echo the previous comments by John above. In addition during my visit a guide said to a small number of visitors that he would give us a talk about the Harrier trainer while viewing the cockpit. This guide then proceeded to give a number of historically inaccurate statements about this particular jet and the history of the Harrier in general. To make matters (IMHO) worse he also attacked the F-35 aircraft programme stating that ‘he had talked to many pilots who said how awful the jet was’. This is utterly wrong of him to do this – When I questioned he should make such statements (very politely I stress) he told me “to leave the group as I was ‘disturbing’ the other people” who perhaps without my background knowledge were ‘lapping it up’ Not good at all.
    As background I have worked 34 years in the UK aircraft industry including support to many programmes (Falklands,Iraq etc.) to provide vital support to our armed forces.

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