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Filton Airfield, Bristol
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n/a South West
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 1 Closed

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What’s Here

Opened in August 2004, Concorde at Filton was a purpose-built display area for the last Concorde ever to fly, at the home of its birth. Visitors could inspect the aircraft close-up and get inside the aircraft to see the cockpit and the famous ‘Mach 2’ sign. The display area featured a visitors centre with gift shop and display boards portraying the history of Concorde, and a raised path which allows photographers an uninterrupted view of the aircraft.

As Concorde at Filton was located in the middle of an active aircraft factory, visitors were only allowed in via an official coach tour. The coach collected visitors from a pick-up point outside the factory and after a tour of the airfield and factory proceded to the Concorde area. Visits inside the aircraft were accompanied by a volunteer tour guide, and as only six people are allowed on board at any one time, this gave the tour a personal feel. The total tour time was approximately one and a half hours.

Funds raised from admission fees went towards the construction of a permanent Bristol aviation heritage museum near Cribbs Causeway.


From the M4, take Junction 19 for the M32 and at Junction 1 take the A4178 to Filton. From the M5, leave at Junction 16, follow the A38 south to Bristol and turn right into Southmead Road. Concorde at Filton is located inside the Airbus factory in Filton. As the factory is a secure site, visitors must park off-site at either the BAWA Centre car park (weekdays) – third right off Southmead Road – or the Main Reception car park for Airbus (weekends) – first right off Southmead Road on Golf Course Lane.

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Opening Hours:

This attracted closed permanently in October 2010.


Not applicable.


Toilets, Parking, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled.

Tail fin (photo, Paul Orrells) Engines & landing gear (photo, Paul Orrells)
Curved wing leading edge (photo, Paul Orrells) Forward fuselage (photo, Paul Orrells)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Fate
G-BOAF Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde 216 G-BOAF Complete Stored

More Information

Concorde at Filton, PO Box 77, Bristol BS99 7AR. Concorde at Filton

The nose section
(photo, Paul Orrells)
Port side steps are to visit the interior
(photo, Paul Orrells)

16 thoughts on “Concorde at Filton

  1. We would so dearly love to visit this iconic plane. Is it correct that it is now closed for any visits? Can anyone tell us if there is any chance that visits will be reinstated in the future??

  2. When Concorde at Filton first opened in 2004, nobody could have anticipated the bungling incompetence of the Concorde Trust, who were charged with looking after it. When it retired from service, G-BOAF was in the best physical condition of any of the Concordes, but after 9 years in the open air, it is now one of the worst. Only the kind generosity of Airbus has prevented the aircraft from deteriorating even further.

    The path to a putting a roof over G-BOAF has been littered with mistakes. After many false starts the Trust even bungled their Heritage Lottery application in 2011 and further delayed the project.

    Let’s hope that the Bristol Aerospace Centre gets build soon and Concorde finally goes indoors.

  3. Unfortunately, no. Visiting will only be possible again when the Bristol Aerospace Centre is opened in Spring 2017. The aircraft itself is still visible in the distance from Hayes Way, between Gloucester Road and Cribbs Causeway.

  4. A bit late to respond to John (11 May 2013 above)but he was being too kind to Airbus who are responsible for the condition of G-BOAF under a leasing contract from British Airways.
    He should reserve some of his ire for BAE Systems who own the hangar where G-BOAF was built, and allow the current Museum Trust to use it to store their collection, but don’t seem to see the sense of putting G-BOAF in there, where there is obviously room. And now millions are to be spent on a building for Concorde elsewhere on the Filton airfield site. Complicated, isn’t it?

  5. To By Frank. Best to visit Charlie at Manchester she is in her own hangar and looks fab. Otherwise it’s a trip to Barbados to see Echo. Alpha Alpha in Scotland looks good but bear in mind she’s had bits chopped off. Poor Bravo is rotting at Heathrow (though ok from a distance) as are Golfy in Seattle and Delta in New York. I am glad I saw Foxy in 2004 though have to say it wasn’t exactly well organised even then, but the catalyst for closure was health and safety which could so easily have been rectified

  6. Admininistration dept ….. Dear sir or madam, we have in our possession a copy of the last passenger manifest from Heathrow to New York on Concord, would this be of interest to?

  7. There is the first British prototype Concorde at the Royal Naval Air Base in Yeovilton, inside a hanger which can be visted and boarded. Yeovilton is only and hour and a bit from Bristol.

  8. An old friend, who worked on telemetry during the test flying of Concorde at Fairford insists that he saw her rolled.

    I also have a friend and neighbour who used to work at RR Bristol and now gives talks on the history of the Concorde program. He is very interested in this story.

    When I visited her at Filton a few years ago,I broached the subject with one of your guides, whose name I have alas now forgotten.

    He confirmed that the roll had occurred, at least once and possibly twice,. He also said that he believed the French test team had also done it.

    Can you confirm or deny?. Are there any surviving records which might offer proof?.



  9. I flew on Concorde G-BOAF on 21.12.1996 – Mach 2′ took me weeks ‘to come back down to earth’. Then visited G-BOAF at Filton in Bristol about 8 years ago. Such a shame those interested aren’t able to see/visit her. This lady cant just be left to go to rust.

  10. What’s the latest on the museum building opening in 2017 ? Is it on schedule, and will monies be found to give ‘Foxy’ a bit of TLC ?

  11. From Gloucester Road in Filton, or from Hayes Way, you can see the steel frame of the Concorde building being erected. There are lots of contractors working on the site, so it appears to be on schedule. I am sure Foxy will be looking her best for the opening next year.

  12. Hi all wood my tickets from about 5 years ago bought as a father day present still be valid thanks mike rich ps worked at Rodney works for 12 years back then so did my bit to help!

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