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London Colney, Hertfordshire
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AL2 1EX East Anglia
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 37 Open

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What’s Here

Located at Salisbury Hall, where the Mosquito prototype was originally designed, the museum now covers all aspects of the de Havilland aircraft company and it’s products. All completed exhibits are maintained in very good condition.


At Salisbury Hall, between London Colney and South Mimms, off the B556 southeast of St Albans. Signed from Junction 22 off the M25.

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Opening Hours:

From the first Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm; Sunday and Bank Holidays 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Last admission 4.30 pm. (Note correct opening times, not as published elsewhere).


See official website for details.


Toilets, Parking, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled.

Dove 8 G-AREA (photo, John Hayles) Comet 2 cockpit (photo, John Hayles)
Mosquito I W4050 (photo, Allan Barley) Comet 2R XK695 (photo, John Hayles)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
Airspeed Horsa BAPC.232 Fuselage Displayed
G-ABLM Cierva C.24 autogyro G-ABLM Complete Displayed
‘J7326’ D.H. Humming Bird ? Fuselage Displayed
G-ANRX D.H.82A Tiger Moth G-ANRX Complete Displayed
LF789 D.H.82B Queen Bee BAPC.186 Fuselage Displayed
‘G-ACSS’ D.H.88 Comet FSM Displayed
G-ADOT D.H.87B Hornet Moth G-ADOT Complete Displayed
G-AKDW D.H.89 Dragon Rapide G-AKDW Complete Displayed
G-AFOJ D.H.94 Moth Minor G-AFOJ Complete Displayed
W4050 D.H.98 Mosquito I prototype W4050 Complete Displayed
TA122 D.H.98 Mosquito FB.VI TA122 Complete Displayed
TA634 D.H.98 Mosquito TT.35 TA634 Complete Displayed
TJ118 D.H.98 Mosquito TT.35 TJ118 Nose Displayed
J-1008 D.H.100 Vampire FB.6 J-1008 Complete Displayed
‘WR410’ D.H.100 Vampire FB.54 J-1790/G-BLKA Complete Displayed
WM729 D.H.100 Vampire NF.10 WM729 Pod Displayed
D-IFSB D.H.104 Dove 6 D-IFSB Complete Displayed
G-AREA D.H.104 Dove 8 G-AREA Complete Displayed
F-BGNX D.H.106 Comet 1XB F-BGNX Fuselage Displayed
XK695 D.H.106 Comet 2R XK695 Nose Displayed
D.H.106 Comet 2 Cockpit Displayed
XJ565 D.H.110 Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ565 Complete Displayed
WR539 D.H.112 Venom FB.4 WR539 Pod Displayed
J-1632 D.H.112 Venom FB.50 G-VNOM Complete Displayed
J-1790 D.H.112 Venom FB.54 G-BLKA Complete Displayed
WX853 D.H.112 Venom NF.3 WX853 Complete Displayed
XG730 D.H.112 Sea Venom FAW.22 XG730 Complete Displayed
G-AOTI D.H.114 Heron 2D G-AOTI Complete Displayed
XJ772 D.H.115 Vampire T.11 XJ772 Complete Displayed
WP790 DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 G-BBNC Complete Displayed
WP927 DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 WP927 Cockpit Displayed
VP-FAK DHC-3 Otter VP-FAK Complete Displayed
Hatfield Toucan man powered a/c BAPC.146 Complete Displayed
G-ARYA HS.125 srs 1 G-ARYA Cockpit Displayed
G-ARYC HS.125 srs 1 G-ARYC Complete Displayed
G-AVFH HS Trident 2 G-AVFH Nose Displayed
G-AWZO HS Trident 3B* G-AWZO Complete Displayed

* = stored off-site at Hatfield.

More Information

De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre, PO Box 107, Salisbury Hall, London Colney, near St Albans, Herts, AL2 1EX. Tel: 01727 822051 (infoline), Tel/Fax: 01727 826400. Official Website:, unofficial website:

Moth Minor G-AFOJ Humming Bird ‘J7326’
Vampire T.11 XJ772 Mosquito FB.6 TA122
Tiger Moth G-ANRX Vampire FB.6 J-1008
Chipmunk T.1 WP790 Dove 6 D-IFSB
Heron 2D G-AOTI Sea Venom FAW.22 XG730
H.S.125 srs 1 G-ARYC Comet 1XB F-BGNX
Museum Entrance (photo, John Hayles)

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12 thoughts on “de Havilland Aircraft Museum

  1. Just thought I’d check out the website to tell friends to visit and did not realise there is so much at this little place. I will now certainly visit and bring a few others along.

  2. Been before and its well wort the visit, staff were so friendly and informative well worth a visit

  3. I have visited the museum twice. Very interesting. Pitty so many aircraft have to remain in the open. Looks like the museum could use a roof. The Mosquito hangar is the centerpiece of course. This is a holy shrine!

  4. An excellent collection of aircraft, but it’s the Mosquito that steals the show. A bomb load almost the same as a Flying Fortress but only two (brave) guys needed to fly it: rightly, “The Wooden Wonder”. But also see the comprehensive display describing the history of de Havilland and of each of its aircraft types. Easy to find off J22 of M25 and worth a few hours of your time.

  5. I worked on Blue Streak project at Stevenage, London and Hatfield. We borrowed a C130 for missile component loading trials in 1959/60. Photos published in Enterprise company magazine. Are copies of this event available to view/purchase ?
    Regards – Eric Burbridge

  6. I’m looking for a DH Dove blow down bottle AH 1823 OR AH7360 If anyone know’s where I might be able to locate one of these please send me an email

    Thanks Ken Hazell

    1 250 339 5345 Canada

  7. ‘Aero-Based Heritage Facility’ was one of the Recommendations in the District Plan for Hatfield Aerodrome after it was built on.

    Has this come to pass? as a similar idea was for Panshanger.

  8. The Museum is now called the de Havilland Aircraft Museum and is open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10.30am until 5pm

  9. I am trying to track down a Puss Moth, now reg G-AATC and recently worked on at Hill Farm, Durley.Can anyone please tell me if the plane has been fully restored and where it is now ?

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