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Farnborough, Hampshire
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GU14 6TF South East
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 15 Open

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What’s Here

The Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) was established in 1994 to help preserve, and stimulate interest in, the aeronautical heritage of the former RAE Farnborough site. With Farnborough now in the hands of private developers, the many historic buildings and artefacts on the airfield need to carefully safeguarded. During 2002 FAST moved to this new location to act as an administrative headquarters and visitors centre for the Trust. Tenchard House (the former Balloon School building) was build in 1907 for the Royal Engineers, and later served as the headquarters of the RFC in the First World War. Displayed inside are a large number of aviation-related exhibits, including engines, weapons, equipment and wind tunnel models. A Hawker Hunter guards the entrance outside, while a number of aircraft nose sections provide further interest. The museum was officially opened to the public on 1st October 2003.


On the A325, from Junction 4 on the M3, at Balloon School House, Farnborough. (On the right hand side, just past ‘The Swan’ public house).

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Opening Hours:

Open Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. FAST posts notices of any changes or temporary closures on their website (see below).


Admission is free, but there are facilities to make donations to FAST, which is a registered charity.


Free parking, toilets and a gift shop. Access for the disabled is limited at the moment, but is being improved.

Hunter T.7 WV383. (photo, FAST) Hunter F.51 E-402. (photo, FAST)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
XW241 Aerospatiale SA.330E Puma XW241 Complete Displayed
Cody British Army Aircraft 1A Reproduction Displayed
WT309 English Electric Canberra B(I).6 WT309 Nose Displayed
XS420 English Electric Lightning T.5 * XS420 Complete Displayed
XS932 English Electric Lightning F.6 XS932 Nose Displayed
XP516 Folland Gnat T.1 XP516 Complete Displayed
ZJ496 GAF Jindivik 104A A92-901 Complete Displayed
E-402 Hawker Hunter F.51 E-402 Complete Displayed
XE650 Hawker Hunter FGA.9 XE650 Cockpit Displayed
WV383 Hawker Hunter T.7 WV383 Complete Displayed
XW934 Hawker Siddeley Harrier T.4 XW934 Complete Displayed
XV165 HS Buccaneer S.2B XV165 Nose Displayed
G-AWZI HS Tident 3B G-AWZI Nose Displayed
503 Mikoyan MiG-21PF G-BRAM Complete Displayed
Northrop Chukar II Complete Displayed
XW566 SEPECAT Jaguar T.2 XW566 Complete Displayed

* on loan
Buccaneer S.2B XX894 has now moved to Bruntingthorpe. Sea Hawk FGA.6 WV795 has been sold to a private owner. BAC 111-510ED (fwd fuselage) G-AVMJ and BAC Jet Provost T.3A XN500 have now left the collection. Sea Harrier ZA195 has moved to Tangmere.

More Information

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, Trenchard House, 85 Farnborough Road, Hants, GU14 6TF. Tel: 01252 375050. Website: www.airsciences.org.uk, e-mail: info@www.airsciences.org.uk

The Museum Building (photo, FAST)

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  1. Hi I have recently come into possession of a large die-cast model of a Hawker Hunter. It is roughly 2 feet by 2 feet in length. Made of metal, well proportioned and generally accurate in dimensions. I bought it at an antique show here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The only information the vendor could give was that it was purchased off an Englishman who had recently come to Canada to live with his family. I can send you photos. I cannot believe that this is a ” one off” creation”. My first thought was that it may be a wind tunnel model, but a “so called expert” has shot down that theory. Perhaps someone in your organization can shed more light on its possible origins. Best wishes, George Nixon ( 9631876@ telus.net)

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