Medway Aircraft Preservation Society

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Rochester Airport, Kent
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ME5 9SD South East
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 2 Open

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What’s Here

MAPS specialises in restoring aircraft to ‘better than new’ condition for the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon. They recently finished work on Spitfire I K9942 and handed it over to Hendon. The workshops are open to visitors at certain times of the week. Due to the nature of MAPS work, the aircraft that can be seen here varies considerably over time.


Rochester Aerodrome, on the A299 south of Rochester, Kent. Airport rules must be observed, the threshold of Runway 34 needs negotiating to reach the workshops.

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Opening Hours:

Open Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. (Prior appointment is required to see Harvard G-CTKL).


No information.


No information.

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
L5343 Fairey Battle I L5343 Complete Being Restored
‘FE788’ North American Harvard IIB G-CTKL Complete Displayed

More Information

Lewis Deal, Medway Aircraft Preservation Society, AFIS Unit, Rochester Airport, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9SD. Tel: 01634 204492.

Any photographs illustrating this museum would be welcome.
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12 thoughts on “Medway Aircraft Preservation Society

  1. The APSS is a voluntary organisation situated at East Fortune Airfield in South East Scotland. We are a member of BAPC. At a meeting yesterday with the National Museum Scotland with whom we work closely in the maintanance of their aircraft collection, your Society was mentioned. I will try and contact you today by telephone and discuss our enquiry.
    Kind regards
    John White
    Chairman APSS

  2. Hi my brother james and i admire your restoration work immensely and have a request, we co own a classic fairey huntsman power boat of notable history that has instrumentation that we beleive was fitted from new from a fairey ganet, the item in question is the gyro compass, i am having problems getting the system running, have had the system working for the last 20 years but sadly not now! not sure if it is the head unit, 28vac inverter or the gyroscopic unit, could you help us with this? i only ask as the vessel comes from the same stable as the wonderful aircraft that you diligently restore, look forward to any response that you may have, many thanks- proud owners of ‘707’-fordsport- round britain runner of 1969 piloted by sir peter twiss.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam I am actively seeking a good colour photograph for the front cover of our next Warpaint book on the Fairey Battle. Do you have such a photograph or know where we may aquire one. Payments and credits in the tilte may well help you and your great work. Many thanks. Régis Auckland, Guideline Publications/Warpaint Books. Tel. 07894 355843

  4. Can you tell me what progress you currently have on the restoration of the Boulton Paul Defiant for the RFA Museum Hendon?

  5. hi, i am a keen warbird fan, i am trying to find out how to volunteer my labour/services and wonder if there is a list ?, i have a healthy mecahical mind and currently own/run a busy garage repairing vehicles new and classic, mechanical and paint, this i have done for some 25 years.i am fairly local, and would see it as a great honor to help keep these wonderfull airframes around for many generations to see, and marvel as i did as a young child. many thanks, julian Richardson.

  6. Hi
    My son and i have been been volenteers at the fighter collection at Duxford on and off for some three years,I was briefley involved with MAPS in the late eightees during the hurricane restoration.More recentley we were involved in the removal and part overhaul of the merlin55 in the fighter collections Mk 5 spitfire EP120.Due to the current economic climate and my work commitments i am currentley unable to spend a lot of time up in duxford.I live in the dartford area and am wondering if i could be any help down at maps? you have some very interesting projects going on and i would be keen to come and help


    Chris Janes

  7. Dear Sirs,
    A colleague of mine has asked me if I knew of anyone who has detailed engineering drawings of the control spade grip of any mark of Spitfire and where they might be obtained? Can you assist my quest?


    Terry Whitbread

  8. Thank you for all your compliments. I am a member of maps and write the web site. I see there are a number of questions here for us. To my knowledge no one from maps will get to read these a n d recommend you contact us via the mapsl web site where we will quickly be able to respond to your request. Tony

  9. I have a big O birthday coming at the end of the year, so my children have asked me if there is anything special I would like – I would love to see my favourite aeroplane the Spitfire, having been brought up during the Blitz living in the East End of London wdodging Hitler’s bombs and watching our lovely spitfires fighting overhead during WW2. Where is the nearest RAF Base that I could visit to see my favourite plane the Spitfire. I live in Essex.

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