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Woodley, Berkshire
SatNav: Region:
RG5 4UE South
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 12 Open

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What’s Here

Located on the edge of the former Woodley airfield, the museum tells the story of aviation in Berkshire, including local manufacturers Fairey and Miles. Herald G-APWA is maintained by the The Herald Society and open to the public on occasions. Although small, the museum is well-lit and packed with interesting exhibits and displays. The history of the Miles Aircraft Company is clearly traced, and the activities of the Fairey Company at Woodley are portrayed through words and photographs. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

In May 2008 a new display hall was opened, effectively doubling the floor area of this very interesting museum.


Off Mohawk Way in Woodley, near Reading, Berkshire. From Junction 10 of the M4 join the A329(M) towards Reading. Take the Woodley exit off the A329(M) and turn right and right again to get onto Bader Way. From Bader Way turn right at the first roundabout, onto Mohawk Way. The entrance to the museum is only a short distance along on the right hand side.

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Opening Hours:

Open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 10.30 am to 5.00 pm, last Saturday in March to last Sunday in October; Sunday 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm, first Sunday in November to second to last Sunday in March.


See official website for details.


Toilets, Parking, Cafe, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled.

Miles Student 2 G-MIOO Student fuselage side-view
Miles Martinet TT.1 MS902 Another view of the Martinet rebuild

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
Broburn Wanderlust glider BAPC.233 Complete Restoration
G-BAMK Cameron D-96 G-BAMK Gondola Displayed
‘465’ EoN 460-1 BWG Complete Displayed
ANL EoN Olympia 1 RAF GSA.103/BGA 529 Complete Displayed
APW EoN Olympia 2 G-ALJZ/BGA 562 Complete Displayed
AQZ EoN Primary 1 glider G-ALMN/BGA 589 Complete Displayed
XG883 Fairey Gannet T.5 XG883 Complete Displayed
XJ389 Fairey Jet Gyrodyne XJ389 Complete Displayed
G-APWA Handley Page Herald 100 G-APWA Complete Displayed
McBroom hang-glider BAPC.248 Complete Displayed
‘L6906’ Miles Hawk Trainer II BAPC.44/T9841 Complete Displayed
MS902 Miles Martinet TT.1 TF-SHC Complete Restoration
G-MIOO Miles M.100 Student 2 G-APLK Complete Displayed
ML Sprite UAV Complete Displayed
‘XP849’ Westland Scout AH.1 XP895 (composite) Complete Displayed

More Information

Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Mohawk Way (off Bader Way), Woodley, near Reading, Berkshire, RG5 4UE. Tel: 0118 9448089. Website: Museum of Berkshire Aviation.

Mamba engine from a Gannet Missile guidance system
Fairey Jet Gyrodyne XJ389 Front view of the Jet Gyrodyne
Rear view of the Jet Gyrodyne Miles Magister I ‘L6906’
Left side of the main display area Broburn Wanderlust fuselage
Upper display area Miles M.52 windtunnel model
H.P. Herald 100 G-APWA Fairey Gannet T.5 XG883
The Herald is next to the display hangar The Herald is open for visitors

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8 thoughts on “Museum of Berkshire Aviation

  1. Please could you help me. I am trying to find a Herald Wiring Diagram Manual for a project I am working on. As a retired BIA electrician I have a soft spot for the beast but used to hate those refuelling valves. Any lead would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Sam…

  2. Hi, I understand that you have some articals of clothing that used to belong to Robert Woodward the pilot of Whirlwind P7105 who crashed near Jersey. These were given to you by Tony Tittering a local diver and I wondered if you have any contact details for him as we would like to see if he has any further info on the crash site.

    Regards Chris Hayward WFP Secretary

    The WFP is a member of the BAPC.

  3. When I was about 13 or 14years old. (Time line 1959-1961), I was a member of 424 Squadron Air Training Corps in Southampton, England. I had the opportunity to help in restoring a Gyrodyne, Tail Number XJ389. After the a great deal of work and a lot of fun. The restoration plus a smart new paint job was completed, the Gyrodyne was placed on a concrete slab, a place of honor outside of the Squadron Head Quarters, across the road from the Southampton Civic Center. I am not too sure how long it stayed in that location or how long the ATC Sqd remained there, I have a feeling that they relocated. And XJ389 was moved, but to where I don’t know. I recently, while rummaging through some old boxes, came across two photos (long forgotten) of some of the ATC lads who were lucky enough, my self-included, to work on the Gyrodyne during its initial restoration. If there is anyone interested in having copies of the photos I will be more than happy to email scanned copies of them. The names of the lads in the photos were. Leon Golding (Ex RAF, deceased), Spike Grenough (Ex RAF, Lost track of). Sorry to say the other three I can only recall their first names, Andy? Coop? Rich? It was a long time ago. I am also in the photos, the good looking one with the berry on. I went on to join the RAF and flew as a VC10 Ground Engineer for many years. I retired after 23 years of service. And a week later took Peoples Express from LHR to the USA where I have lived and worked ever since, in the Aviation Industry. I am currently a Staff Engineer with The Air Line Pilots Association International. One might say that I have reached the twilight years, but even at the age 68, 54 of them spent in the Aviation Industry my love for aircraft has not dwindled. This is an Industry that has constantly reached out to improve and develop and advance the technology of Aviation. And I feel proud that I have been part of that. However, I will always cherish and remember those summer days of the early sixties, the wonderful times and the fantastic people of 424 Squadron Air Training Corps, as we worked together to restore one of the coolest aircraft the XJ389, Gyrodyne.
    Best Regards
    John Stift, Eng Tech, MRAeS.

  4. Could I point out a slight error in your otherwise very fair write up of our museum.

    “Sunday 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm, first Sunday in November to second to last Sunday in March.”

    should be:
    “Wednesday 10.30am to 4pm, Sunday 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm, first Sunday in November to second to last Sunday in March.”

    Regards – Keith

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