Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

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Castlefield, Greater Manchester
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M3 4FP North West
United Kingdom
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General No
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circa. 31 Open

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What’s Here

This huge 7-acre museum site houses displays on science and technology, road transport, railways etc. The Air and Space Hall houses a wide range of exhibits, including a Trident cockpit and a Morphis simulator. The space gallery includes interactive displays. The contribution made to aviation development in the local area by the Avro Company, through its factories at Woodford and Chadderton, is well presented. Elsewhere can be seen working steam engines, a variety of locomotives and rolling stock and much more.

A major renovation programme announced in November 2007, called Revolution MOSI, will see the museum buildings completely refurbished to 21st Century standards, with much improved lighting and display space, allowing room for more exhibits and better presentation of information. The actual work will begin in 2009 and should be completed in 2012.


Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Manchester. Close to the end of the A57 in central Manchester. Well signposted.

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Opening Hours:

Daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, including Bank Holidays, but excluding December 24-26 and January 1.


The Main Museum, including the Air and Space Hall, is Free. There is a charge for Special exhibitions.


Toilets, Parking, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled to 98% of the museum.

Avro 707A WZ736 (photo, Matt Durrant) Avro Avian G-EBZM (photo, Matt Durrant)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
A. V. Roe Triplane Reproduction Displayed
A. V. Roe Triplane BAPC.6 Reproduction Displayed
Avro Type F # Reproduction Displayed
G-ABAA Avro 504K G-ABAA Complete Displayed
WZ736 Avro 707A WZ736 Complete Displayed
G-EBZM Avro Avian IIIA G-EBZM Complete Displayed
WR960 Avro Shackleton AEW.1 WR960 Complete Displayed
Avro RJX 100 ** Uncompleted Displayed
XS179 BAC Jet Provost T.4 XS179 Complete Displayed
G-APUD Bensen B.7M G-APUD Complete Displayed
XG454 Bristol Belvedere HC.1 XG454 Complete Displayed
XL824 Bristol Sycamore HR.14 XL824 Complete Displayed
Cody Kite% Reproduction Displayed
G-ADAH de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ADAH Complete Displayed
XD624 de Havilland Vampire T.11 ** XD624 Complete Displayed
BQT EoN 460 Series 1 sailplane BQT Complete Displayed
WP270 EoN Eton TX.1 WP270 Complete Displayed
WG763 English Electric P.1A WG763 Complete Displayed
Flexiform hang-glider BAPC.252 Complete Displayed
WT619 Hawker Hunter F.1 WT619 Complete Displayed
G-AWZP Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B-101 G-AWZP Nose Displayed
G-MJXE Hiway Demon 175/Tri-Flyer G-MJXE Complete Displayed
Hiway Spectrum BAPC.251 Complete Displayed
Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea BAPC.12 Complete Displayed
G-AYTA Morane-Saulnier MS.880B Rallye G-AYTA Complete Displayed
ZE966 Panavia Tornado F.3 ** ZE966 Complete Displayed
Skyhook Safari Complete Displayed
MT847 Supermarine Spitfire XIV MT847 Complete Displayed
Volmer VJ-23 Swingwing microlight BAPC.175 Complete Displayed
Wood Ornithopter BAPC.182 Complete Displayed
997 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka 11 997 Complete Displayed

# under construction.
** in store for later display.
% The Cody Kite is not a replica, it is an original covering on a reproduction frame.

More Information

Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, Castlefield, Greater Manchester, M3 4FP. Tel: 0161 832 2244, Fax: 0161 606 0186, e-mail:, website: The Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester.

Belvedere HC.1 XG454 (photo, Matt Durrant) Dragon Rapide G-ADAH (photo, Matt Durrant)
P.1A WG763 (photo, Matt Durrant) Shackleton AEW.1 WR960 (photo, Matt Durrant)
Spitfire XIV MT847 (photo, Matt Durrant) Sycamore HR.14 XR824 (photo, Matt Durrant)
Roe Triplane reproduction (photo, Matt Durrant)

5 thoughts on “Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

  1. Visited in 1991 on first and so far last to UK.
    As a member of an Aviation Historic Society was most impressed and found it one of the best historic museums out of 14 plus that I visited. Took numerous slides which are now getting slowly onto computer disc. Did not tell my wife that Coronation Street was just round the corner until we left Manchester. Thanks for a memorable day.

  2. Visited 11th August 2012.
    A really wonderful experience and well worth the trip to Manchester.
    The exhibits are well presented, with information boards providing more than enough explanation of what’s on display, and this exhibition should be supported by everyone, it’s a real treasure that should not be missed.
    Thanks for the experience, well done Manchester.

  3. I on behalf of my father, Sqd. Ldr. P. J. Holt donated a clock that was in the hub of a prop of off a BE2, that my father had while serving at Biggin Hill and retained in the Officers Mess. This was done as my wife and I were off to Canada, where we still reside. As it appears that no one has bothered to maintain the clock, I saw years ago in a musty showcase, maybe it should be returned so it may once again be cherished at the spitfire collection at Biggin Hill, where I would personally deliver it..
    Brian A Holt

  4. FAO Gareth Pugh
    I am the nephew of JH Orrell, former Chief test pilot for AVRO. I recollect there being an exhibition case of his logbooks and other memorabilia. Is all of this material still with you? still on display? is it likely to be dispersed? Please let me know – 01565 634212
    Peter Leary

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