RAF Manston History Museum

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Manston Airfield, Kent
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CT12 5DF South East
United Kingdom
Category: Only Aviation:
General Yes
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circa. 19 Open

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What’s Here

The RAF Manston History Society, which runs the museum, portrays in various displays the civil and military history of Manton since it was first opened in 1916. Located next door is the Hurricane and Spitfire Memorial Museum.


In the old RAF Manston MT (Motor Transport) building, adjacent to the Hurricane and Spitfire Memorial Building at Manston Airport. From London heading towards Ramsgate on the A253, turn left at the Minster roundabout onto the B2050 and then next right onto the B2190. Carry straight on and the Museum will become visible on the right hand side.

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Opening Hours:

March to October: Open daily 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. November to February: Open Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Closed Christmas and New Year.


See official website for details.


Toilets, Parking, Cafe, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled.

Wessex HU.5 XS482. (photo, Derek Hatch) Whirlwind HAR.10 XJ727. (photo, Derek Hatch)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
WT205 BAC Canberra B(I)6 WT205 Nose Displayed
‘117415’ Canadair CT-133AN Silver Star N36TH Reproduction Displayed
WP772 De Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.10 WP772 Complete Displayed
Fieseler Fi 103 (V-1) FSM Displayed
Fokker Dr.I Triplane Reproduction Displayed
‘WD615’ Gloster Meteor TT.20 WD646 Complete Displayed
‘MS’ Gotha G.IV Fwd Fuselage Repro. Displayed
XL190 Handley Page Victor K.2 XL190 Nose Displayed
XG226 Hawker Hunter F.6A XG226 Nose Displayed
XV352 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2B XV352 Cockpit Displayed
Huntair Pathdfinder ? Complete Displayed
‘H’ Nieuport 17 Reproduction Displayed
‘N1071’ Nieuport 17 Reproduction Displayed
ZA325 Panavia Tornado GR.1 ZA325 Cockpit Displayed
XZ106 SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A XZ106 Complete Displayed
G-SSWP Short 330-100 G-SSWP Cockpit Displayed
‘VM791’ Slingsby Cadet TX.3 XA312 Complete Displayed
XA231 Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1 XA231 Complete Displayed
B’619 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Reproduction Displayed
XS482 Westland Wessex HU.5 XS482 Complete Displayed
XN380 Westland Whirlwind HAS.7 XN380 Complete Displayed

Notes: Beagle Pup 150 cockpit HB-NAV has moved to an ATC unit in Dover, Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 nose XN928 has moved to an unknown location. Valiant BK.1 nose XD857 has also moved away.

More Information

RAF Manston History Museum, Manston Road, Manston Airport, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 5DF. Tel: 01843 825224. Website: RAF Manston History Museum.

Any additional photographs illustrating this museum would be welcome.
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9 thoughts on “RAF Manston History Museum

  1. Re:HB-NAV
    Another website quotes this as now being with AeroVenture at Doncaster (6/2009).

  2. Cadet ‘VM791’ is XA312
    Valiant nose XD857 is no longer here having gone to the scrappies long ago
    Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter replica carries serial B619

  3. Link to this site from Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial doesn’t seem to work!

    Visited RAF Manston History Museum on 5 August 2010 and entry fee of £1 was possibly the best quid I’ve ever spent. It all looks a bit amateurish which adds to its charm but the more you see of what’s displayed the more impressed you’ll be. We particularly liked the clear account of the part played by the tests at nearby Reculver of Barnes Wallis’ “bouncing bomb” for 617 Squadron’s Operation Chastise, the famous Dambusters Raid. The short film at the display shows the tests – and under the screen is an actually test-bomb salvaged by volunteers from the snads at Reculver! There is also a display on the Air Speed World Record set by Meteors, again with a short, informative film, alongside a Meteor of the collection. Noses of a V-bomber, Buccaneer and Canberra are also on display as well as much else including a Phantom outside the hangers. Friendly, knowledgeable staff made it all an excellent experience. Don’t miss it.

  4. Visited Manston June 2011.Impressed by the dedication of those who wish the story of the site to be told and totally humbled by the illustrated accounts of the few who helped shape history. A coherent approach surely requires only one museum?

  5. My father was based at Manston in Flying Control from 1940-1946 and was presented with a diploma made by his colleagues when he left in 1946. He treasured it all his life and I wondered if it would be of interest to your museum. I don’t know if the museam is just for planes etc. Would be pleased to hear from you.

  6. my Father served at Manston in 1921 – information i have taken from a very sketchy service history. If anyone has any information from their past about relatives serving here in the early 20’s i would love to hear from you. His name was James Watson Clelland known as Jock.

  7. I worked for Air Ferry in 1964/5 as an engine fitter on Vickers Vikings and Douglas C54 (DC4). Best time of my life!

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