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Millom, Cumbria
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LA18 4JP Northumbria
United Kingdom
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General Yes
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circa. 22 Closed

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What’s Here

A small museum was operated by the South Copeland Aviation Group in co-operation with HM Prison Service. The museum displayed the history of RAF Millom and its wartime Mountain Rescue Team. A collection of aero engines and the smaller aircraft was accommodated in a second building.

Unfortunately, in 2010 the museum ran into severe financial difficulties and was unable to pay its debts. It was unable to negotiate with the Prison Service a further lease on the buildings it occupied and was subsequently forced to close.


On the Bankhead Estate, North Lane, Haverigg – adjacent to HM Prison Haverigg, Cumbria. Follow the signs for Haverigg Prison and then leave the A5093 at the indicated turn-off for the museum.

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Opening Hours:

This museum officially closed permanently on 1 September 2010.


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The front gate to the museum
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
The display in Hut 5
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Fate
ZF596 BAC Lightning T.55 ZF596 Complete Removed
G-BDTT Bede BD-5 G-BDTT Complete Removed
WN516 Boulton Paul Balliol T.2 WN516 Cockpit Removed
XD425 de Havilland Vampire T.11 XD425 Fuselage Sold
XD624 de Havilland Vampire T.11 XD624 Complete Removed
XK637 de Havilland Vampire T.11 XK637 Complete Sold
WD377 DHC Chipmunk T.10 WD377 Cockpit Sold
WT537 English Electric Canberra PR.7 WT537 Complete Sold
WD889 Fairey Firefly AS.5 WD889 Cockpit Sold
VT409 Fairey Firefly AS.6 VT409 Rear Cockpit Removed
‘WF714’ Gloster Meteor F.8 WK914 Nose Removed
G-ATMI Hawker Siddeley H.S.748-2A/225 G-ATMI Cockpit Scrapped
G-OPFW Hawker Siddeley H.S.748-2A/266 G-OPFW Cockpit Removed
XN597 Hunting Jet Provost T.3 XN597 Cockpit Sold
XW363 Hunting Jet Provost T.5A XW363 Complete Removed
ZE352 McDonnell Douglas F-4J(UK) Phantom ZE352 Nose Removed
‘G-ADRX’ Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea BAPC-231 Complete Displayed
Mignet HM.280 Military Flea BAPC-260 Complete Sold
AMW Elliotts Olympia 2B BGA.514/G-ALKM Complete Removed
Panavia Tornado GR.1 (cockpit) Cockpit Removed
G-ARDG Edgar Percival EP.9 Prospector G-ARDG Cockpit Sold
G-OLFC Piper Tomahawk 112 G-OLFC Fuselage Sold
G-EEST Scottish Aviation Jetstream 31 G-EEST Complete Sold
G-PLAH Scottish Aviation Jetstream 31 G-PLAH Fuselage Sold
G-SSWO Short 360-100 G-SSWO Fuselage Sold
G-BIHN Skyship 500 G-BIHN Gondola Removed
WK198 Supermarine Swift F.4 WK198 Fuselage Removed
XM660 Westland Whirlwind HAS.7 XM660 Complete Sold
XN298 Westland Whirlwind HAS.9 XN298 Complete Scrapped

Prince 6E G-AMLZ, Tornado F.2 nose ZD938 and Focke Achgelis Fa 330A-1 100502 had left this location before the closure occurred.

Many exhibits were on loan to the museum and following the closure these were returned. The remaining exhibits were publicly auctioned off in January 2011.

More Information

The former official address was: RAF Millom Museum, Unit 2, Devonshire Road Industrial Estate, Devonshire Road, Millom, Cumbria, LA18 4JP.

Wrecks & Relics 22nd Edition by Ken Ellis (Crecy, 2010)
Where have Millom’s Aircraft gone?

HM.14 Flying Flea ‘G-ADRX’
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
HM.280 Military Flea
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
Whirlwind HAS.7 XM660
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
Side view of the Whirlwind
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)

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7 thoughts on “RAF Millom Aviation & Military Museum

  1. The work of this museum and others like it is invaluable in keeping in mind the sacrifice of those who bought our freedom, some paying for it with their lives. Sponsors should be aware of the help they are giving to allow memories to be healed, where no other help is available.

  2. I visited the museum in 2009 It is a pity sponsors can’t keep it open I found records of my family member I never knew before and talked to some interesting people there Can any one let me know what happened to the exhibits ?

  3. Does anyone have any information on the disposition of the pieces of Goodyear K-class blimp K-88 that the museum had? Please feel free to email me at airphotoservices at gmail dot com. Thanks

  4. Does anyone know what happened to the exhibition of Franz von Werra’s exploits. If so either send post me an Email at h.trivett525@btinternet or write to me at 24 Parc Nant Celyn, Efail Isaf, CF38 1AD

  5. Dear Sir
    I am confused. The museum is advertised on the Forces Reunited website as being open to visit with a discount being offered to veterans.
    Please can you tell me if this is the case or whether you are closed and if so could you inform them. It is misleading for the rest of us

  6. The museum is indeed closed. The Forces Reunited advert must be out of date.

    My page was an unofficial visitors guide, so I have no control over their adverts.


  7. Bonjour.
    Je recherche toutes documentations, plan concernant cette machine EP 9, afin d’en réaliser la maquette volante.
    Merçi de votre aide.

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