The Shuttleworth Collection

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Old Warden Aerodrome, Bedfordshire
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SG18 9EA East Anglia
United Kingdom
Category: Only Aviation:
Flying Yes
Aircraft Exhibits: Status:
circa. 62 1950s

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What’s Here

A charming grass airfield in quiet countryside, which is home to a large collection of mostly pre-WW2 aircraft, all of which are maintained in flying condition. Some of the pre-WW1 aircraft are quite delicate and require very light winds to fly safely, and so these are only flown during special flying evenings. Progress on the restoration of newly acquired exhibits can be viewed by the public. There is also a collection of historic cars from the same era.


Two miles off the A1, east of the B658, west of Biggleswade. Well signposted from the A1.

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Opening Hours:

Open daily except Christmas/New Year week. February Half Term to October 9.30 am to 5.00 pm; November to February Half Term 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.


See official website for details.


Souvenir shop, Restaurant, Picnic Area, Toilets, Free Car Parking, Facilities for Disabled Visitors.

Tiger Moth T6818 (photo Dave Stewart) Bristol M.1C C4918 (photo Dave Stewart)
DH.88 Comet G-ACSS (photo Dave Stewart) Hawker Cygnet G-CAMM (photo Dave Stewart)

List of Aircraft Exhibits


Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
Abott-Baynes Scud 2 BGA 231 Complete Airworthy
G-ADRR Aeronca C3 G-ADRR Complete Airworthy (private)
G-EBJO ANEC II G-EBJO Complete Airworthy
‘E3273’ Avro 504K G-ADEV/HS199 Complete Airworthy
G-AHKX Avro Anson XIX Srs 2 G-AHKX Complete Airworthy (BAE)
G-ARSG Avro Triplane IV BAPC.1 Replica Airworthy
‘K3241’ Avro Tutor K3215/G-AHSA Complete Airworthy
G-AANI Blackburn Monoplane Type D BAPC.5 Complete Airworthy
G-AEBJ Blackburn B2 G-AEBJ Complete Airworthy (BAE)
14 Bleriot XI BAPC.3/G-AANG Complete Taxiable
G-ASPP Bristol Boxkite BAPC.2 Replica Airworthy
D8096 Bristol F.2b Fighter G-AEPH Complete Airworthy
‘C4918’ Bristol M.1C G-BWJM Replica Airworthy
G-AESZ Chilton DW1 G-AESZ Complete Airworthy (private)
G-CDXU Chilton DW1A G-CDXU Replica Airworthy (private)
G-ACTF Comper Swift G-ACTF Complete Airworthy
G-EBIR de Havilland D.H.51 G-EBIR Complete Airworthy
G-EBLV de Havilland D.H.60 Cirrus Moth G-EBLV Complete Airworthy (Private)
G-EBWD de Havilland D.H.60X Hermes Moth G-EBWD Complete Airworthy
‘K2585’ de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth II T6818/G-ANKT Complete Airworthy
G-ACSS de Havilland D.H.88 Comet G-ACSS Complete Airworthy
G-AGSH de Havilland D.H.89 Dragon Rapide 6 G-AGSH Complete Airworthy (Private)
‘671’ de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.22A G-BNZC Complete Airworthy
G-AANH Deperdussin Monoplane BAPC.4 Complete Airworthy
G-AAPZ Desoutter I G-AAPZ Complete Airworthy
Dixon Ornithopter BAPC.8 Complete Static Display
‘AOQ’ Elliott AP.7 EoN Primary BGA 580 Complete Airworthy
G-EBNV English Electric Wren ‘4’ BAPC.11 Complete Airworthy
Fauvel AV36CR BGA 1999 Complete Airworthy
‘K7985’ Gloster Gladiator I L8032/G-AMRK Complete Airworthy
G-CAMM Hawker Cygnet G-CAMM Replica Airworthy
G-EBJI Hawker Cygnet G-EBJI Replica Airworthy (Private)
K8203 Hawker Demon I G-BTVE Complete Airworthy (Private)
‘K5414’ Hawker Hind G-AENP Complete Airworthy
R4118 Hawker Hurricane I G-HUPW Complete Airworthy (Private)
Z7015 Hawker Sea Hurricane IB G-BKTH Complete Airworthy
K1786 Hawker Tomtit G-AFTA Complete Airworthy
Lilienthal Type XI hang-glider BAPC.??? Replica Static Display
Lilienthal Doppeldecker hang-glider BAPC.??? Replica Static Display
G-AEBB Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea G-AEBB Complete Static Display
G-AEEG Miles Falcon Major G-AEEG Complete Airworthy (Private)
N3788 Miles Magister I G-AKPF Complete Airworthy (Private)
P6382 Miles Magister I G-AJRS Complete Airworthy
FE511 North American AT-16 Harvard IIb G-CIUW Complete Airworthy (Private)
G-AAIN Parnall Elf II G-AAIN Complete Airworthy
G-AEXF Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF Complete Airworthy
XF603 Percival Provost T.1 G-KAPW Complete Airworthy
Pilcher Bat Mk.3 BAPC.??? Replica Static Display
G-SVAS Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub G-SVAS Complete Airworthy
’28’ Polikarpov Po-2 G-BSSY Complete Airworthy
F904 RAF SE.5A G-EBIA Complete Airworthy
NC18923 Ryan STA NC18923 Complete Airworthy (Private)
Santos-Dumont Demoiselle Replica Restoration
XA241 Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1 XA241 Complete Stored
Slingsby Kirby Kite BGA 310 Complete Airworthy
‘D1851’ Sopwith F1 Camel G-BZSC Replica Airworthy
G-EAGA Sopwith Dove G-EAGA Replica Airworthy (Private)
‘N9917’ Sopwith Pup G-EBKY Complete Airworthy
‘N6290’ Sopwith Triplane replica G-BOCK Replica Restoration
G-AAYX Southern Martlet KX829 Complete Airworthy
AR501 Supermarine Spitfire LF.Vc G-AWII Complete Airworthy
G-TRVR Vans RV-7 G-TRVR Complete Airworthy
G-BFIP Wallbro Monoplane G-BFIP Complete Static Display
G-ARZB Wallis WA-116 Srs 1 G-ARZB Complete Static Display
‘V9367’ Westland Lysander IIIA G-AZWT/RCAF 2355 Complete Airworthy

Also resident but privately owned

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
G-AVYV Jodel D120 G-AVYV Complete Airworthy
G-BYSF Luscombe Silvaire G-BYSF Complete Airworthy
854 Ryan PT-22 Recruit G-BTBH Complete Airworthy
001 Ryan ST-3KR G-BYPY Complete Airworthy
G-AFWT Tipsy Trainer 1 G-AFWT Complete Airworthy
Westland Wallace Frame Restoring


Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Fate
‘A1742’ Bristol Scout BAPC.38 (Replica) to ?
‘GD+EG’ CASA 1.131E Jungmann E.3B-305, G-RETA to ?
G-EBHX de Havilland D.H.53 Humming Bird G-EBHX to ?
W9385 de Havilland D.H.87B Hornet Moth G-ADND sold to ?
G-ABVE Arrow Active G-ABVE to Breighton
Blake Bluetit BAPC.37 sold in 2000
G-ADGP Miles Hawk Speed Six G-ADGP (Private) moved away
7198/18 LVG C.VI G-AANJ to RAF Cosford
D-EGLW Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk D-EGLW to ?
VS610 Percival Prentice T.1 G-AOKL to ?
‘191454’ Messerschmitt Me 163B Fuselage FSM to ?
G-ABXL Granger Archaeopteryx G-ABXL to ?
‘GM+AI’ Fieseler Fi 156A-1 Storch G-STCH to ?

More Information

Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome, nr Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 9EP. Tel: 01767 627927. Official website. More photos and information can be found on the unofficial Shuttleworth website of Dave Stewart.

Chipmunk T.22 671 (photo Dave Stewart) Spitfire Vc AR501 (photo Dave Stewart)
Gipsy Moth G-ABAG (photo Dave Stewart) Lysander III V9441 (photo Dave Stewart)
English Electric Wren (photo Dave Stewart) DH.53 Humming Bird G-EBHX
(photo Dave Stewart)
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane
(photo Dave Stewart)
Hermes Moth G-EBWD (photo Dave Stewart)
Parnall Elf II G-AAIN (photo Dave Stewart) Cirrus Moth G-EBLV (photo Dave Stewart)

Spitfire V AR501 (photo Dave Stewart)

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4 thoughts on “The Shuttleworth Collection

  1. The fantastic list of aircraft above might seem to say it all: go! But I’d add that you’ll see the oldest airworthy aircraft in the world and the oldest airworthy British aircraft. There’s a lovely Swiss Garden alongside the Museum (ideal for children/pertners not interested in the aircraft) with a rare Victorian fern-house and a dos’ graveyard! And there’s also a superb Birds of Prey Centre, too, where I fulfilled a lifetime’s ambition by having an eagle (a beautiful Chilean Blue Eagle) perch on my arm. Superb flying displays of the birds and the only trained stork in Europe: what more could you want. Worth a full day of your time.

  2. That should read “dogs’ graveyard” where the pets of the former owners of the grand house were buried.

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