Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

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Cultra Manor, Country Down
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BT18 0EU Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
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Transport No
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circa. 5 Open

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What’s Here

The Transport Museum comprises the most comprehensive transport collection in Ireland. It includes ‘The Flight Experience’, an interactive exhibition developed in partnership with Bombardier Aerospace featuring aviation and the aerospace industry. The activities of local pioneers Harry Ferguson and Lilian Bland are highlighted. Other transport displays include the Irish Railway Collection, road transport exhibits, a ‘Titanic’ exhibition and a recreation of an Ulster town of the early 1900s.
A Short Sealand is now undergoing restoration by the museum, and the nose section is now viewable from the display area. The Ferguson Monoplane reproduction has some original parts, including the pilot’s seat.


At Cultra Manor, near Holywood, on the A2 Bangor road, 7 miles north east from Belfast city centre, County Down. Well signposted.

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Opening Hours:

March to September: Open Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, closed Mondays except for Bank Holidays. October to February: Open Tuesday to Friday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, closed Mondays except for Bank Holidays.


For Transport Museum: See official website for details. Additional charges apply for Folk Museum.


Toilets, Parking, Cafe, Souvenir shop, Access for the disabled, education & conference centre.

Ferguson Monoplane cockpit.
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
Ferguson Monoplane side view.
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
McCandless M4 G-ATXX front view.
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)
McCandless M4 rear view.
(photo, Jeremy Briggs)

List of Aircraft Exhibits

Displayed I.D. Aircraft Type Real Identity Condition Status
Ferguson Monoplane IAHC.6 Reproduction Displayed
G-ATXX McCandless M4 G-ATXX Complete Displayed
G-BKMW Short 360 G-BKMW Cockpit Displayed
G-AKLW Short Sealand G-AKLW Nose Displayed
XG905 Short SC.1 XG905 Complete Displayed

More Information

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, 153 Bangor Road, Cultra, Holywood, County Down, BT18 0EU, Northern Ireland. Tel: 028 9042 8428. Website: The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.


Short SC.1 front view. (photo, Jeremy Briggs) Short SC.1 side view. (photo, Jeremy Briggs)
SD360 nose front view. (photo, Jeremy Briggs) SD360 nose rear view. (photo, Jeremy Briggs)

Short Sealand G-AKLW nose (photo, Jeremy Briggs)

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