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This page is the central hub for user lists and collections. It links to all the interactive collection functions on the Aeroflight website.


The Bookmarks function allows logged in users to assign any number of articles or pages to named collections. Using this function, you can collect all the helicopter magazines, or all the aviation museums in Yorkshire, the Aircraft in Service pages for Beech Super King Airs or any other topic that interests you. Any page that shows the ‘Bookmark Me’ widget in the right hand column can be saved to a named collection of pages. You can manage your Bookmark collections at the link below.

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The Favourites function uses a web browser cookie to store your favourite pages in a single list. Your cannot group favourites in collections, but you do not need to be logged in to use it. Any page that has the ‘Add to favourites’ logo can be saved. Note that clearing your browser cache will erase your favourites. You can see your Favourites at the link below.

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The Wishlists function works with the tabular databases available on the Aeroflight website. The functionality is similar to the Amazon wishlist function. Any table that shows a column of tick boxes in the left-most column can use this function. Logged in users can select individual rows from the table, (even after sorting and filtering), and add them to a name-able list. This is useful for building shopping lists of collectibles, recording your existing collection for online access, or recording events and locations you have visited or would like to visit.

You can manage your Wishlists from the link below.

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