Government Operators A-Z Listing

This page presents an alphabetical listing of the Government operators featured on this site. Government operators are defined as those central or local government agencies which operate aircraft. They mainly comprise VIP transport units, but can also include para-military sports organisations, survey and mapping agencies and agricultural organisations.

Operator Country Sector
Airservices Australia Australia Flight Inspection
Australian Antarctic Division Australia Polar Aviation
Australian Coastwatch Australia Customs Aviation
Australian Department of Civil Aviation Australia
Australian Maritime Safety Authority Australia Maritime Safety
Aviation Populaire France Flying School
Aviation Services Unit Victoria Australia Fire Fighting
Bahrain Royal Flight Bahrain
Biafran Government Aviation Unit Biafra Government
Bosnia and Herzegovina Government Aviation Unit Bosnia and Herzegovina Government Aviation
Corps Technique de l’Air France Training School
Cyprus Department of Forests Cyprus Forestry Aviation
Cyprus Government Cyprus Government Aviation
Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia Australia Parks Patrol
DGA Essais en Vol France Flight Test
Division of National Mapping (Australia) Australia Mapping
Estonian Border Guard Estonia
Finnish Border Guard Finland Border Guard
Forests NSW Australia
French Air Ministry France Air MInistry
French Civil Aviation Authority France Aviation Authority
French Customs Service France Customs
French Gendarmerie France Gendarmerie
French Government Aviation Unit France Government Aviation
French National Flight School France Flying School
French Naval Dockyard Agency France Dockyard
French Space Agency France Space Agency
French Telecoms Research Agency France Telecoms
Geological Survey of India India
H.M. Coastguard United Kingdom Coast Guard
Honduran Government Honduras
Icelandic Coast Guard Iceland
Indian Coast Guard India
Institut Geographique National France Mapping
INSU France Science
Irish Coast Guard Ireland
Jordanian Government Aviation Unit Jordan
Jordanian Royal Flight Jordan
Katanga Government Aviation Unit Katanga Government
Kuwait Government Aviation Unit Kuwait
Latvian Border Guard Latvia
Lebanese Government Aviation Unit Lebanon
Lithuanian Border Guard Lithuania
Lithuanian Government Aviation Unit Lithuania
Meteo-France France Weather
National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW Australia Parks Patrol
Netherlands Coast Guard Netherlands
Oman Royal Flight Oman
Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Safety Authority Papua New Guinea Aviation Authority
Papua New Guinea Government Flying Unit Papua New Guinea Government


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