Military Operators A-Z Listing

This page presents an alphabetical listing of the Military operators featured on this site. A Military operator is defined as the aviation branch of a country’s armed forces. This can include air forces, air arms and defence force air wings. This listing also includes anti-govenment and partisan air units.

Operator Country Sector
Paraguayan Air Force Paraguay Air Force
Paraguayan Army Aviation Paraguay Army Aviation
Paraguayan Naval Aviation Paraguay Naval Aviation
Polish Naval Aviation Poland Naval Aviation
Portuguese Air Force Portugal Air Force
Portuguese Army Aviation Portugal Army Aviation
Portuguese Naval Aviation Portugal Naval Aviation
Qatar Emiri Air Force Qatar Air Force
Regional Security System Barbados Naval Aviation
Republic of Fiji Military Forces Fiji Defence Force
Republic of Singapore Air Force Singapore Air Force
Republika Srpska Air Force Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force
Romanian Air Force Romania Air Force
Romanian Navy Romania Naval Aviation
Royal Air Force of Oman Oman Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force Australia Air Force
Royal Australian Navy Australia Naval Aviation
Royal Bahamas Defence Force Bahamas Defence Force
Royal Bahraini Air Force Bahrain Air Force
Royal Bahraini Navy Air Arm Bahrain Naval Aviation
Royal Brunei Air Force Brunei Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force Canada Air Force
Royal Danish Air Force Denmark Air Force
Royal Jordanian Air Force Jordan Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force New Zealand Air Force
Royal New Zealand Navy New Zealand Naval Aviation
Royal Saudi Land Forces Saudi Arabia Army Aviation
Royal Thai Air Force Thailand Air Force
Slovak Air Force Slovakia Air Force
South Sudan Air Force South Sudan Air Force
Suriname Air Force Suriname Air Force
Swedish Air Force Sweden Air Force
Swedish Military Helicopter Fleet Sweden Helicopter
Swiss Air Force Switzerland Air Force
Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force
Troupes Coloniales France Colonial Army
Turkish Cypriot Security Forces Command Cyprus Security Force
Ukrainian Air Force Ukraine
Ukrainian Army Aviation Ukraine
Ukrainian Naval Aviation Ukraine Naval Aviation
United States Marine Corps United States Marine Corps Aviation
United States Navy United States Naval Aviation
Uruguayan Air Force Uruguay Air Force
Uruguayan Naval Aviation Uruguay Naval Aviation


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