Barbados Defence Force

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Barbados Defence Force
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Barbados Defence Force
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Narrative Summary

The Barbados Defence Force was first established on 15 August 1979. The BDF included an Air Wing which initially operated a leased Beech Queen Air. In 1981 the first aircraft owned and operated by the BDF arrived – a Cessna 402. This aircraft was retired in 1985. In 1982 Barbados joined the Regional Security System and from 1999 the RSS began air operations.

Since 1985 the BDF has not had any aircraft, but in 2011 the Barbados government began looking seriously at re-establising the Air Wing.

Key Dates

15 August 1979 Barbados Defence Force created.
1981 First BDF-owned aircraft obtained.
1982 Barbados joins the Regional Security System (RSS).

Current Status

The BDF currently does not have any aircraft.

Future Plans

No plans known.


National Insignia

The Cessna 402 carried the national flag on the fin, but no service titles. The blue and yellow roundel often attibuted to Barbados has never been used on BDF aircraft.

Aircraft Serial Numbers

Aircraft operating with the BDF carry Barbados civil registrations, e.g. Cessna 402 8P-FDA.

Unit/Base Codes

Coding system not used.


Aircraft Designations

None – Manufacturers designations used

Current Aircraft Inventory

None at present.

All-Time Aircraft Used List

Aircraft Type Quantity Service Entry Out of Service Origin
Beech 65 Queen Air 1 1979 1981 leased
Cessna 402C Utiliner 1 1981 1985 USA

Aircraft NOT Used

Fairchild C-26 Metro aircraft of the Trinidad & Tobago Air Guard have been photographed operating from Barbados. They are not operated by the BDF.

Aircraft Losses and Incidents

None known.


Main Headquarters

BDF Force Headquarters & The Barbados Regiment, St Ann’s Fort, Barbados.

Organisational Structure

No subordinate units.

Current Order of Battle

No subordinate units.

Historical Orders of Battle

Not applicable.

All-Time Flying Units List

Not applicable.

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

BDF aircraft were based at Grantley Adams International Airport, Bridgetown.

All-Time Air Bases Used List

As above.

More Information


None known.


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