Republic of Singapore Air Force

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Republic of Singapore Air Force
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Republic of Singapore Air Force
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Future Plans

Singapore is a Security Cooperative Participant in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II programme, with principal interest the F-35B variant. No F-35 orders have yet been announced by the RSAF.


National Insignia


Aircraft Serial Numbers

Up until about 2005 all RSAF were allocated a three-digit serial number, but the PC-21s, EC120s and F-15SGs have recieved four-digit serials and the CH-47s five-digit serials.


Aircraft Designations

None – Manufacturers designations used.

Current Aircraft Inventory

Table of Current Service Aircraft

All-Time Aircraft Used List

All-Time Table of Aircraft Used

Instructional Airframes

Retired aircraft used for technical training

Aircraft NOT Used

False reports of aircraft on order or in service


Main Headquarters

HQ RSAF, 303 Gombak Drive, Mindef Building #03-01, Singapore.

Organisational Structure

Until 2007 the RSAF command structure comprised six functional departments: Air Manpower, Air Intelligence, Air Operations, Air Logistics, Air Plans and Air Training. From 2007 a new structure has been progressively introduced. The new structure is based on five major commands, each with a number of divisions:

Air Combat Command (ACC)

    Fighter Group (FG)
    Transport Group (TG)

Air Defence and Operations Command (ADOC)

    Air Defence Group (ADG)
    Air Operations Control G>roup (AOCG)
    Air Surveillance Control Group (ASCG)

Air Power Generation Command (APGC)
4 Air Bases with ground-based squadrons

Participation Command (PC)

    Divisional Air Defence Group (DAG)
    Heli Group (HG)
    Tactical Air Support Group (TASG)

Air Force Training Command

    Flying Training Institute (FTI)
    Air Warfare Training Institute (AWTI)
    Training Development Group (TDG)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command (UC)
– 3 squadrons plus UAV Training School (UTS)

The transition was completed in August 2008.

Basically, ACC oversees the combat squadrons, ADOC oversees radar surveillance, APGC runs the air bases and ground support units, PC is responsible for the tactical helicopter squadrons and battlefield air defence units, AFTC runs the flying schools, and UC operates UAVs.

In addition to the above, there are a number of units based overseas, in France, Australia and the USA which concentrate on aircrew initial and conversion training. This is primarily due to the small size of Sinapore island and the limited amount of airspace available for training missions.

Current Order of Battle

Table of Current Order of Battle

Historical Orders of Battle

List of Historical Orders of Battle

All-Time Flying Units List

Units List

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

The main air bases currently used are Tengah, Sembawang, Paya Lebar and Changi.

All-Time Air Bases Used List

Apart from the main bases, there are also a number of airfields overseas which are used by the RSAF. The RSAF also operates helicopters from warships of the Republic of Singapore Navy.
Military Air Bases Listing

Aircraft-Carrying Ships Listing

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