Romanian Navy

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Key Facts

Current Title:
Fortele Navale Române
English Title:
Romanian Navy
First Established:
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Narrative Summary

The original Naval Aviation force was disbanded in 1960. However, the expansion of the naval fleet in the 1980s, and the development of state-owned off-shore oil rigs in the Black Sea led to demands for better helicopter support. In response, the Air Force introduced specially modified IAR 330L Puma, (and later IAR 316B Alouette III), helicopters for this task. Unfortunately, reduced budgets after the end of the Cold War and the retirement of the Alouettes resulted in this role being given a low priority and by 2001 the Air Force had largely abandoned naval operations.

In 2005 the Romanian Navy ordered three specially configured Puma helicopters, with a view to rebuilding it’s aviation capability. In July 2007 the Romanian Naval Air Arm was formally established.

Key Dates:
13 July 2007    Naval aviation resumed using Puma NAVAL helicopters.

Current Status

Romanian naval helicopters are used primarily for shipboard support, surveillance and Search & Rescue (SAR) missions.

Future Plans

Additional helicopters may be required.


National Insignia

          Main markingFin Flash
The main marking is carried on the fuselage sides of the helicopters. A fin flash is not carried. The service titles RO NAVY are displayed on the tail boom.

Aircraft Serial Numbers

Romanian naval helicopters serials comprise a three-digit number for each airframe, e.g. Puma NAVAL 140.

Unit/Base Codes

Coding system not used


Aircraft Designations

None – Manufacturers designations used

Current Aircraft Inventory

Aircraft Type Total Del’d Total Active Still on Order Role
Aerospatiale SA 330 Puma NAVAL 3 3 0 Naval Support

All-Time Aircraft Used List

Aircraft Type Quantity Service Entry Retirement Origin
Aerospatiale SA 330 Puma NAVAL 3 2007 current Romania

Aircraft NOT Used

False reports of aircraft on order or in service – the Mil Mi-14PL is NOT used. All other types reported since 1960 as being operated by the Navy were actually Air Force aircraft.


Main Headquarters:
Not known.

Organisational Structure

The Romanian Naval Air Arm currently comprises one Helicopter Flight.

Current Order of Battle

Squadron Type Base
Helicopter Flight Constanta IAR 330 Puma NAVAL

Historical Orders of Battle

Not applicable.

All-Time Flying Units List

Helicopter Flight.

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

All helicopters are operated from Constanta.

All-Time Air Bases Used List

Not applicable.

More Information


None known.


To be added.


Official Romanian Navy Website

wikipedia: Romanian Naval Forces

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