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Austrian Air Force Pictorial

This is a collection of photos showing the aircraft of the Austrian Air Force - some in rarely seen special markings. The shots have been taken during the October 1996 press tour organised by the Austrian Ministry of Information and during the Zeltweg airshow in June 1997.

All the photos on this page are copyright Thomas Peter. Anybody interested in swapping slides with Thomas is invited to contact him at

Agusta Bell AB.204B 4D-BPAgusta Bell AB.204B 4D-BT
Agusta Bell AB.206A 3C-JGAgusta Bell AB.212 5D-HE
Alouette III 3E-KSAlouette III 3E-KZ
Airborne helicopter assaultSAAB J 35D Draken 08
SAAB J 35D Draken 16Drakens in flight
Cessna L-19A 3A-COBell OH-58B
Pilatus PC-6B 3G-ELPilatus PC-7 3H-FB
SAAB 105ÖE Blue GSAAB 105ÖE Blue F
SAAB 105ÖE Green FShort Skyvan 3M 5S-TA

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