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Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk 2B

The first Buccaneers arrived at Muharraq (Bahrain) from RAF Lossiemouth on 26 January 1991. Eventually 12 aircraft were used to provide laser-designation for Muharraq and Dahran based Tornados. The first mission was flown on 2 February. A total of 216 sorties were eventually flown. The aircraft returned home in early March 1991.

All the photos on this page are copyright John Cotterill

Jolly Roger on XX901 coded N 'Sky Pirates' XW530 coded E taking-off
Jolly Roger on XV863 coded S XV863 coded S 'Sea Witch/Debbie'
Closer view of 'Sea Witch/Debbie' XW533 coded A 'Fiona/Miss Jolly Roger'
XW533 coded A with redlips Jolly Roger XW547 coded R in Dutch barn - Bahrain
Jolly Roger on XW547 coded R XW547 coded R 'The Macallan'
Jolly Roger on XX825 coded L XX899 coded P 'Laser Lips Laura'
Mission tally on XX899 coded P XX901 'Kathryn/The Flying Mermaid'
XX901 'Kathryn' with full mission tally  

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