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Portuguese Air Force Pictorial

This is a collection of photos taken during September 1997 showing the aircraft of the Portuguese Air Force.

All the photos on this page are copyright Thomas Peter. Anybody interested in swapping slides with Thomas is invited to contact him at thomas_peter@bluewin.ch

304 Esquadra A-7P 15507 seen at Alverca.304 Esquadra TA-7P 15549 based at Monte Real.
Alpha Jet 15248 seen at Beja in 'Tiger Meet' markings.Close-up of the tiger's head on this Alpha Jet.
103/301 Esquadra Alpha Jet 15202 based at Beja.Alpha Jet 15244 retains it's Luftwaffe camouflage.
Re-engined 802 Esquadra Chipmunk 1306 at Sintra.101 Esquadra TB-30 Epsilon 11410 based at Beja.
201 Esquadra F-16A 15106 based at Monte Real. 201 Esquadra F-16B 15119 at Monte Real.
601 Esquadra P-3P Orion 14802 based at Montijo.505 Esquadra Cessna FTB.337G 13711 based at Sintra.
502 Esquadra CASA C.212A 16505 based at Sintra. 401 Esquadra CASA C.212B 16510 based at Sintra.
401 Esquadra C.212B 16524 based at Sintra. 501 Esquadra C-130H 16805 based at Montijo.
504 Esquadra Falcon 20 17103 based at Montijo. 401 Esquadra C.212B 17201 at Sintra.
552 Esquadra Alouette III 19349 based at Beja. 552 Esquadra Alouette III 19377 at Beja.
This example carries a 20mm gun - barely visible in the photo.
751 Esquadra SA.330 Puma 19505 based at Montijo.  

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