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Swiss Air Force Pictorial

This is a collection of photos showing the aircraft of the Swiss Air Force - some in rarely seen special markings.

All the photos on this page are copyright Thomas Peter. Anybody interested in swapping slides with Thomas is invited to contact him at

F-18C Hornet J-3002 taken at Payerne AB on 1st
May 1997. The aircraft was used for conversion
training of FlSt 17 (Fliegerstaffel 17) pilots.
Learjet T-781 seen at Samedan in January 1997.
F-5F J-3207, Payerne AB September 1995Mirage IIIDS, J-2011. It is equipped with a practice Sidewinder and a 760 liter IMI (Israel Military Industry) drop tank.
Mirage IIIS J-2306 taken at Buochs AB in March
1997. The aircraft wears the FlSt 16 badge which is shown in the close-up picture
Unit Badge of FlSt 16
Mirage IIIS J-2329 was taken at Buochs AB in November 1997. The aircraft never flew in this colour scheme.Hawk Mk.55 U-1267 seen at Emmen AB in March 1997.
FlSt 17 unit badge worn on J-2308. Mirage IIIS J-2308 in special markings to commemorate the last training course of FlSt 17 on Mirage IIIS. Payerne AB August 1997.
F-5E J-3091 of the Patrouille Suisse, Emmen AB
September 1995.
Mirage IIIS, 700 years of the Confoederatio Helvetica.
Pilatus PC-6 V-632 at Buochs AB in November 1996 Pilatus PC-7 A-932 at Payerne AB.
Mirage IIIRS R-2107 taken at Sion AB in April 1997 armed with live Sidewinder missiles. FlSt 10 unit badge. This badge is also the badge of FlSt 3 and FlSt 4, both operating the Mirage IIIRS.
Pilatus PC-9 C-407 taken at Samedan AB. The
PC-9s are used for target towing.
Alouette III V-238 hovering over Payerne AB,
September 1997.
Super Puma T-311 taken at Payerne AB in May 1997 Dornier Do 27 V-601. Two of these veterans are still in use for various second line duties. Buochs, May 1995.

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