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Swiss Air Force Pictorial 2

This is a collection of photos taken at the Swiss Air Force base at Dübendorf in August 1990. In those days, Hunters were still operated by the air force and F/A-18 Hornets were another seven years in the future.

All the photos on this page are copyright Steve Gosling.

AS.332M-1 Super Puma T-313 Mirage IIIRS R-2110
Pilatus PC-6B/H-2M V-632 Northrop F-5E J-3052
Hunter F.58A J-4112 trailing it's brake-chute Pilatus PC-7 A-902
Hunter F.58 J-4030 Mirage IIIS J-2330
Hunter F.58 J-4033 Pilatus P-3 A-817
Pilatus P-3 line-up, starting with A-817 Mirage IIIS J-2336
Patrouille Suisse insignia 5 Escadrille insignia
Line-up of F-5Es, starting with J-3093 BAe Hawk T.66 U-1257
Pilatus PC-7 A-902 10 Escadrille insignia
21 Escadrille insignia Alouette III V-231

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