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1. Introduction and Guidelines

Aeroflight is a website written by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts. Posts are submitted on a voluntary (unpaid) basis for the benefit of other aviation enthusiasts.

Submissions are moderated.

This website concentrates on heavier-than-air aircraft, (i.e. fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and gliders), rather than lighter-than-air aircraft, (balloons and airships). Air sports such as parachuting or hang gliding are not covered.

Unlike on Wikipedia, plaigarism of others work will not be accepted here. All posts must be in your words, and all images must have the copyright owners permission for use.

Always acceptable on this site
Articles on any aspect of aviation history, specific aircraft types, their operators, bases, markings and preservation.

More specifically:

AIRCRAFT – Profiles of specific types, pilot’s impressions, pictorial features, individual aircraft histories

AIRSHOWS – Past and present aviation events, airshows, exhibitions and trade shows, fly-ins and rallies

BASES – Past and present airfields, airports and aircraft-carrying ships

HISTORY – History of aviation in a specific country, territory or region – both general histories and specific events.

IMAGES – Still photos or video of aircraft. Static or action shots, walk-arounds, close-ups etc.

MARKINGS – National markings, unit markings, military serial numbers, civil aircraft registers, other markings

MEDIA – Reviews or over-views of aviation-related books, magazines, DVDs, aircraft scale drawings, websites etc.

MANUFACTURERS – History of the aircraft industry in a specific country or region, histories of aircraft manufactures

MISCELLANEOUS – Humour, personal memoires, aviation myths and legends, etc

OPERATORS – Commercial, Private and Public Service operators as well as Air Forces and Government Agencies. Including organisation, unit histories

PRESERVATION – Aviation exhibits in museums, gate guardians, aircraft restorations, warbirds etc

Usually Acceptable
All the above

Unsually Unacceptable
Articles that criticise named individuals

Any material that in the Editor’s opinion would bring the site into disrepute. All such material shall be deleted and the author banned from the site.

2. Website Sections and Categories
Aeroflight content is divided into several sections. Please post in the appropriate section by chosing the relevent Category in the drop-down list provided. Please also choose a number of Tags to aid keyword searches.

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