Aerodata International

Aerodata international monographs are self contained 20 page A4 size booklets containing 1/72 scale multi-view plans, colour artwork, sketches, large photographs and English narrative (including technical data). Each edition has an additional wrap around inside cover that gives a brief outline history on the type covered, and photo captions, in the French and German language.

The series was also released in 2 bound volumes in cooperation with Squadron/Signal Publications of the USA. Volume one contained Nos.1-6 called “Fighters of World War II” (ISBN 0-905469-06-2), volume two contained Nos. 7-12 called “Bombers of World War II” (ISBN 0-905469-11-9). No. 1 to 12 where again published in a single bound volume as “Classic Fighters and Bombers of World War 2” (ISBN 0-905469-16-X). Two other titles in this series from Squadron/Signal were #6204 “US Navy Carrier Fighters of World War II” (F2A, F4F, F6F, F4U, F8F) ISBN 0-89747-194-6 and #6205 “US Navy Carrier Bombers of World War II” (TBD, SBD, SB2C, TBF/TBM) ISBN 0-89747-195-4.

Publisher: Vintage Aviation Publications, UK Language: English
20 pages (+ covers), Softback, A4 size, b+w photos, colour drawings, scale line drawings.

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‘No.1 – Focke-Wulf 190A series’
by Peter G. Cooksley
[ISBN 0-905469-20-8, First published: 1977]

‘No.2 – Supermarine Spitfire I & II’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-25-9, First published: 1977]

‘No.3 – North American P-51D Mustang’
by Harry Holmes
[ISBN 0-905469-30-5, First published: 1978]

‘No.4 – Messerschmitt 109E’
by Peter G. Cooksley
[ISBN 0-905469-35-6, First published: 1978]

‘No.5 – Hawker Hurricane I’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-75-5, First published: 1978]

‘No.6 – Republic P-47D Thunderbolt’
by John B. Rabbets
[ISBN 0-905469-45-3, First published: 1978]

‘No.7 – Handley Page Halifax Merlin-engined variants’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-50-X, First published: 1979]

‘No.8 – Boeing B-17G flying fortress’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-55-0, First published: 1979]

‘No.9 – Junkers Ju 88A’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-60-7, First published: 1979]

‘No.10 – Avro Lancaster BI’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-65-8, First published: 1979]

‘No.11 – Consolidated B-24 Liberator early models’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-70-4, First published: 1979]

‘No.12 – Heinkel He 111 P & H’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-75-5, First published: 1979]

‘No.13 – McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-90-9, First published: 1980]

‘No.14 – McDonnell Douglas F- 4 Phantom II’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-95-X, First published: 1980]

‘No.15 – Lockheed F-104 Starfighter’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-26-7, First published: 1981]

‘No.16 – General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-31-3, First published: 1981]

‘No.17 – Grumman F-14A Tomcat’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-36-4, First published: 1982]

‘No.18 – North American F-100A Super Sabre’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-41-0, First published: 1982]