Bell AH-1E/F Cobra

in Royal Bahraini Air Force Service


The supply of eight AH-1E and six TAH-1P was approved by the US Congress in February 1994. A deal for the supply of eight ex-US Army AH-1E was signed in May 1994, with deliveries begining late in 1994. An additional four AH-1E were acquired in 1995, bringing the total acquired to 12. Used by the 8th and 10th Squadrons for anti-armour duties. (Six “AH-1P” were reportedly approved in January 1995 and ten AH-1E in October 1995. A total of 24 AH-1E and six TAH-1P were reportedly delivered. There is no evidence that these proposed transfers took place. 17 ex-US Army AH-1F were reportedly approved in 2001 for delivery in 2003). Nine AH-1F were delivered in April 2005.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
825     1994  
843     1994  
845     1994  
883       noted July 2004
885       noted July 2004
889       noted July 2004

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