El Mensajero Aeronáutico

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Title means The Aviation Messenger. This is the third official magazine of the Bolivian Air Force, but this title concentrates on the activities of the Military Aviation College (COLMILAV) of the Air Force. Unlike the other FAB magazines, this title does feature photographs of the aircraft it operates. No.9 was available in October 2009 and No.10 was dated Junio 2010. 11 pages in each issue.

Further information: FAB Website

Actualidad Aeronáutica

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The title translates as Aviation News. An official magazine of the Bolivian Air Force, this title concentrates on the current activities of the FAB, both professionally, publicly and socially. A short historical feature is often also included. Each issue is about 20 pages long. No.132 was dated Abril 2011. As with the other FAB titles, recent issues are dominated by pictures of people in full dress uniform. This creates a poor impression of the air arm, compared to similar magazines from Colombia and Venezuela etc.

Further information: FAB Website

Revista Aeronautica (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Revista Aeronautica’ is the official magazine of the Bolivian Air Force. It first apppeared in 1952 under the title ‘Revista Aerea Militar’, but changed its name to the present title in 1965. It has appeared more-or-less annually ever since. Issue 42 appeared in 1994 and issue 47 in 2001.

The magazine takes the form of a yearbook, with well over 100 pages in each issue. The main content is a series of short feature articles on the activities and key events of the FAB over the past year. Some historical articles are also included. Unfortunately, in recent issues the photographs illustrating the magazine have become almost exclusively of people in full dress uniform, and the missions flown and equipment operated by these personnel hardly ever gets shown. Compared to similar magazines from Colombia and Venezuela, the recent editions of this magazine are a very poor effort.

Further information: FAB Website

Volar (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide


Subtitled ‘La revista aeronáutica de Bolivia’ or ‘Revista aeronáutica Boliviana’. The only dedicated aviation magazine ever published in Bolivia. The first issue (Vol.1 No.1) was dated August 1997. This magazine was intended to be a bi-monthly publication, but there is no evidence that any issues after No.1 were ever published. It was intended to cover all aspects of aviation and flying. No connection to the SATENA magazine with a similar name.

Publishing History

First issue dated August 1997. To be published bi-monthly but seems to have ceased publication immediately.
The editor is unknown.

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No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

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No special issues were produced.

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