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‘Vestnik VVS’ was the official newspaper of the Bulgarian Air Force, published commercially on behalf of the Headquarters of the Air Force of the Republic of Bulgaria. It contained news and features of interest to Air Force personnel. Curiously, some issues appear to be printed in colour, and others in black & white only.

Publishing History

First issue available in 1991. The publishing frequency appears a bit strange. Most issues appear to have monthly dates, but the issue numbers don’t correspond with that rate of production. Issue 69 was Year IV, Issue 19, October 1995 and issue 215 was year ХІV, 5, May 2009. Thirteen years as a monthly should give issue numbers around 160. It ceased publication some time after mid 2010.
The editor is unknown.

Contents/Issues Produced

To be added.

Digital Access

No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

Further information

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