Current Aircraft Inventory
Royal Canadian Air Force

Aircraft Type Total Del’d Total Active Still on Order Role
AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant 15 14 0 SAR
Airbus CC-150 Polaris (A310) 3/2 3/2 0 Transport/Tanker
BAE Systems CT-155 Hawk Mk.115 22 16 0 Training
Beech C90B King Air 7 7 0 Training
Beech Super King Air 200 2 2 0 Transport
Beech CT-156 Harvard II 26 25 0 Training
Bell CH-146 Griffon (412HP) 100 88 0 Utility
Bell 206B Jetranger 12 12 0 Training
Bell 412 9 9 0 Training
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III 5 5 0 Transport
Boeing CF-18A/B (CF-118) 98/40 64/26 0 Fighter-Bomber
Boeing CH-47F Chinook 15 15 0 Transport
Canadair CT-114 Tutor 190 27 0 Demonstration/Testing
De Havilland Canada CC-115 Buffalo 15 6 0 SAR
De Havilland Canada CC-138 Twin Otter 9 4 0 SAR/Transport
De Havilland Canada CT-142 Dash-8 4 4 0 Training
Grob G120A 13 13 0 Training
Lockheed CC-130E Hercules 24 2 0 Transport/SAR
Lockheed CC-130H/KCC-130H Hercules 14 5/4 0 Transport/SAR/Tanker
Lockheed CC-130H-30 Hercules 2 2 0 Transport/SAR
Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules 17 17 0 Transport
Lockheed CP-140 Aurora 18 17 0 Maritime Patrol/ASW
Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II 0 0 35 Fighter-Bomber
Sikorsky CH-124A/B Sea King 41 26 0 ASW
Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone (S-92) 11 11 16 ASW

* = on order
# = on delivery
() = in storage
(c) = civilian contractor operated
£ = including 9 ex-CAF civilian contractor operated
* = ‘Snowbirds’ and AETE are the only remaining operators

High Flight – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 1980
Wapiti – Westland Wapiti in RCAF service (photos, 8 profile drwgs, 1 3-view drwg, individual aircraft histories); Buffalos in the Desert – UNO in the Middle East (photos); Vancouver Weekend Warriors – 111 (CAC) Sqn 1932-41 (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.2 March/April 1981
Barker VC – Major G. Barker VC (photos); Fleet’s Indefensible Fort – Fleet Fort in RCAF service (photos, 1 profile drwg, 1 3-view drwg, individual aircraft histories); NORAD’s Electronic Monitors (photos); The First Thunderbirds – 111(F) Sqn RCAF P-40 Kittyhawks 1941-45 (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.3 May/June 1981
Barker VC part II (photos); Lancaster II – Lancaster II in RCAF service (photos, operations list, individual aircraft histories); Typhoon Attack – 440 (FB) Sqn Typhoons 1944-45 (photos); Airman’s Album (photos); Chronology 1921 (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.4 Jul/Aug 1981
CFB Bagotville (photos); Viking, the Story of the Air Forces First New Aircraft – Vickers Viking IV in RCAF service (photos, 1/54 scale 3-view drwg, individual aircraft histories etc); Alligators and Bats, the Story of 440 AW(F) Squadron 1953-1962 (photos); Order No.9063 – the Grumman/CCF G-23s for Spain (photos); Chronology 1922 (photos); Airman’s Album (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.5 1981
VIP’s and Casualties – the Story of 440 (T&R) Squadron 1968-1981 (photos); Spirit of Little Norway – Norwegian Air Training Establishment on Toronto Island (photos); The Pregnant Frog – the story of the Grumman/CCF Goblin in RCAF service (photos); Chronology 1923 (photos); Prestwick Panorama (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.6 1981
Avenger – Grumman Avenger in Canadian Naval Service (photos); Canadian Participation in William Tell 1965-80 (photos); 162 (BR) Squadron RCAF, 1942-May 1944 (photos); Chronology 1924 (photos); Airman’s Album (photos); Winter Weekend (photos); CCF Goblin (1/48 scale 3-view drwgs)
Vol.2 No.1 1981
Chronology 1925 (photos); Avenger part II – Grumman Avenger in Canadian Naval Service part 2 (variants in detail, markings, photos, 3 pages line drwgs, 6-view drwg); Air/Sea Rescue Pilot (ASR by Canadian pilots in the English Channel in WW2, photos); Four Weeks in June (162 Sqn RCAF Catalina attacks on five U-boats, photos); Winter’s Tails (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.2 No.2 1981
Chronology 1926 (photos); Ian Roy Maclennan; Lend-Lease Frustration – Stearman PT-27 in RCAF service (photos, 2 pages 1/48 scale drwgs); Mackenzie King & 6 AOS; Malta Album [40 pages]
Vol.2 No.3 (4/5) 1982
Chronology 1927 (photos); The RCAF in 1927 (photos); 405 and the Merlin Wimpy – 405 Sqn & Wellington II in service (individual aircraft histories, photos, 3 pages drwgs); Prestwick Panorama II (photos); The Years of the Siskin: The Story of 1/401 Fighter Squadron Part One (photos) [36 pages]
Vol.2 No.4 (7/8) Jul/Aug 1982
Chronology 1929 (photos); Early Hurricanes – The Story of No.1/401 Fighter Squadron Part Two (photos); The Canadian Vickers Vedette in the RCAF (photos, 3-view scale drwg); The Mid-Canada Line – The Intermediate Early Warning System 1958-1965 (photos); Canada’s First ‘Warplane’ was a Monumental Military Misfit (Burgess-Dunne aircraft, photos); Airman’s Album (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.2 No.5 (9/10) 1982
Chronology 1929 (photos); No.1 in the Battle of Britain – The Story of No.1/401 Squadron RCAF Part III (photos); North Pacific Saga – The Norwegian Northrops in Canada (photos); Distended Douglas – The Story of the Douglas Digby in Canadian Service Part I (photos); Alouette ‘Alifax Art (photos); Memories of 139 Wing (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.2 No.6 (11/12) Nov/Dec 1982
Chronology 1930 (photos); The First CF-18 (photos); Potato Air Force – A Story of the Vichy Air Force in French Somaliland Part I (1 map, photos); Distended Douglas – The Story of the Douglas Digby in Canadian Service Part II (photos); Syrian Spitfire (photos); Prestwick Panorama III (photos); 1 to 401 – The Story of 1/401 Sqn RCAF Part IV (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.3 No.1 Jan/Feb 1983
Chronology 1931 (photos); Potato Air Force – A Story of the Vichy Air Force in French Somaliland Part II (photos); Airman’s Album 13 (photos); Distended Douglas Part III (photos, 3-view scale drwgs, individual aircraft histories); Spit Sweeps From Biggin – The Story of 1/401 Squadron RCAF Part V (photos); Room with a View, A Bomb Aimer’s War (photos) [40 pages]
Vol.3 No.2 1983
Chronology 1932 (photos); The Sweeps Continue – The Story of 1/401 Squadron RCAF Part VI (photos); Flying Forest-Fire Fighters – The Story of the Canadian Vickers Varuna (3-view 1/48 scale drwg); Room with a View, A Bomb Aimer’s War Part Two (photos); Nose to the Grindstone – up-ended aircraft photos [40 pages]
Vol.3 No.3 1984
Chronology 1933 (photos); Watkins: Zeppelin Fighter (photos); Clunks to the Congo (Operation Simba, Belgian CF-100s in the Congo, photos); Airman’s Album (photos) [24 pages]
Vol.3 No.4 1984
Chronology 1934 (photos); Clunks to the Congo Part 2 (photos); Dieppe Summer – The Story of No.1/401 Squadron RCAF Part VII (photos); Per Ardua ad Sol – Operation Eclipse (photos); Airman’s Album (photos) [24 pages]

Aircraft and Jets – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 June 1946
Warplane Evolution No.1: The Curtiss P-40; These Jets (illustrated survey of current jet and mixed-power aircraft); Sopwith Fighter Evolution; R.A.F. ‘Slanguage’ [34 pages]
Vol.1 No.2 December 1946
Newest News; National Air Races; National Air Races Results; In The Spotlight (latest news in photographs); Mail; More P-40 Data; Sopwith Fighters Part II; Sopwith Aircraft 1912-1920 (Tabulated Data on Sopwith Aircraft); Evolution of the Bell P-39 and P-63; Cause and Effect of Supersonic Speed [34 pages]
Vol.1 No.3 1947
No information

Wings (3)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Subtitled ‘Canada’s National Aviation Magazine’. A full-colour bi-monthly publication, ‘Wings’ Magazine is Canada’s only premiere national aviation magazine, providing comprehensive coverage of commercial, corporate, general and military aviation in Canada and around the world.
WINGS features a diverse blend of domestic and international fixed-wing aviation news coverage in every issue. The editorial team researches and delivers technical articles, flight test profiles, corporate and personality profiles. In addition to editorial commentary, calendar events and a military news update, each issue focuses on a theme relevant to audience segments.

Regular features include Canadian industry directories (charter operators, fixed-base operators, M&O facilities, flight training schools, national and regional air carriers), avionics updates, flight operations, flight safety, industry news, Ottawa perspective, legal, medical and weather columns, and new products. Vol.44 issue 5 was dated September/October 2003. Originally published by Corvus Publishing Group Ltd with the ISSN 0701-1369.

Further information: Wings Magazine, Suite 220, 6200 Dixie Rd., Mississauga, Ont., L5T 2E1. Tel: 905-795-0110, Fax: 905-795-2967. Website: Wings


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada, UPAC, is the national voice for Canadian Ultralight Pilots. The organization was formed in 1986 when the Ultralight Aircraft Association of Canada (UAAC) and the Microlight Owners and Pilots of Canada (MOPAC) joined forces. Members receive a monthly magazine called ‘UPAC News!’. No further information.

Further information: website: UPAC

The Recreational Flyer

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

RAA membership includes a bi-monthly magazine. The magazine publishes regular technical articles designed to assist aircraft kit builders, along with regular reports on what members across Canada are doing, and many other articles of general interest. It has been published since at least 1991. No further information.

Further information: website: RAA

The CAHS Journal

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The Canadian Aviation Historical Society is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to the celebration and documentation of Canada’s flying heritage. Members receive the CAHS Journal, Canada’s premier aviation history magazine, regular newsletters, and an invitation to participate in the local activities of 10 regional chapters.
The Society’s principal publication is the quarterly Journal, offering articles dealing with a wide range of subject matter pertaining to Canadian Aviation history. Stories can be first hand accounts or thoroughly researched articles by dedicated aviation historians. The magazine is of predominantly Canadian content; many little known facts of Canada’s history in the air have been unearthed by Journal authors. Profusely illustrated, often with previously unpublished photographs from both private collections and official sources. 40 pages in each issue. First published January 1963. Vol.41 No.1 was dated Spring 2003.

Further information: CAHS National Headquarters, P.O. Box 224, Station ‘A’, Willowdale, ON. M2N 5S8. Tel: [416] 410-9774, Fax: [905] 294-3525. CAHS Website

Random Thoughts

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The official magazine of IPMS Canada. It was initially launched as a simple newsletter in the late 1960s, but was soon being issued monthly. In 1970 it began to be commercially printed. From January 1979 is has been published bi-monthly. For a large part of it’s existence the magazine has been titled ‘RT’, but recent issues have returned to the original title of ‘Random Thoughts’. A scale plastic modelling magazine for aircraft and armour enthusiasts. A4 size, about 24 pages in each issue, with b+w photos, drawings, kit reviews, model conversion articles, hints n’ tips, wants and disposals, and other items of interest. Recent issues have introduced colour photos. Very good coverage of aircraft markings.

Further information: IPMS Canada, Box 626, Stn. B, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5P7, Canada. Website RT


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Outbound’ is a quarterly newsletter supplied to members of the CAHS. Between 1976 and 1988 it was just called ‘CAHS Newsletter’, but it then acquired the name ‘Outbound’ in 1988. Issue 79 was dated Winter 1994. No further information.

Further information: CAHS National Headquarters, P.O. Box 224, Station ‘A’, Willowdale, ON. M2N 5S8. Tel: [416] 410-9774, Fax: [905] 294-3525. CAHS Website