Nyt Fra Flysamlingen & Flyvemuseets Venner

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‘Nyt Fra Flysamlingen & Flyvemuseets Venner’ is the official magazine of Foreningen Flyvemuseets Venner (Association of Flight Museum’s Friends), an organisation that supports several aviation museums in Denmark. The Association was founded on 25 August 1975 and has over the years supported numerous projects for the collection, preservation and dissemination of Danish Aviation’s proud history. Members receive NYT magazine three times a year.

Each issue has 6 pages, of A4 size, with news and short articles on activities at Danish aviation museums. Early issues were illustrated in b+w only, but later copies have colour photos. All back issues are available as free PDFs.

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Tinbox magazine

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Tinbox was a group united by a common interest in Danish military aviation. The group started in 1975 at the release of the magazine of the same name. The group composition varied over the years, but the focus was always on publishing information about Danish military aviation.

The magazine ‘Tinbox’ was born in 1975 as the first Danish magazine that focused exclusively on military aviation. The magazine was quickly recognized as a well-written and serious magazine, so it was for many a great regret that the editors had to shut down after only four and a half years, in 1979. The magazine had been produced purely as a hobby, and eventually proved too much of a task to continue. Each issue of the A4-size magazine had 4-6 feature articles within its 24 pages, and was illustrated with b+w photos.

With official RDanAF assistance, the magazine was revived in late 1981 under the title ‘Tinbox-tillaegget’ (Tinbox Supplement). This was a lower-cost publication, produced as a supplement within the offical RDanAF magaine ‘FlyNyt’. The quarterly production rate began to slow down in 1993 and ceased altogether in 1995. Each issue had 6-14 pages printed on newsprint quality paper, illustrated with b+w photos.

The group also produced 3 books in the “-1½” series, between 1982 and 1998, covering the F-100, F-104 and F-35 Draken and an updated F-100 title in 2000.

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FEID Magasinet

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Fly Entusiaster I Danmark (Aviation Enthusiasts in Denmark) – FEID – is an association for aircraft enthusiasts which operates on a voluntary basis. The main objective of the association is to share information on aviation between the members. The association is primarily aimed at military operations, but also reports on civil things to the extent that members send them to the association.

FEID publishes a quarterly online PDF magazine called ‘FEID Magasinet’ which contains articles on base visits, unit visits, open days, air show reports etc. Each issue has 56-66 pages with about 6-8 feature articles, all illustrated with superb colour photos – many taking up a two-page spread.

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‘Flyvevåbnet’ is the current official magazine of the Royal Danish Air Force. The magazine is aimed at serving air force personel and includes numerous articles covering RDanAF news and the activities of its personnel.

It is an A4 size publication with 40 pages in each issue, illustrated with colour photos on every page.

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‘FlyNyt’ was the official magazine of the Royal Danish Air Force between 1981 and 2003. The magazine was aimed at serving air force personel and included numerous short articles covering RDanAF news and the activities of its personnel.

Each issue was A4 size with either 34 or 48 pages, illustrated with many b+w photos and some colour photos. In 2003 this magazine was replaced by ‘Flyvevåbnet’ magazine.

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Veteranfly Klubben

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‘Veteranfly Klubben’ was the official magazine of the KZ and Vintage Aircraft Club (KZ Veteranfly Klubben). The KZ series of Danish designed and built aircraft has many examples still flying.

The quarterly club magazine brought articles and photos of interest to vintage aircraft owners and amateur builders. An annually issued list of members also included a register of all vintage aircraft in Denmark along with a list of ongoing restoration and building projects, and the club members’ own vintage aircraft and home-builts.

With effect from the 4/2002 issue the official club magazine ‘Veteranfly Klubben’ was renamed ‘Oscar Yankee’.

Publishing History

First issue numbered 1/1969. Published quarterly until issue 3/2002, after which it was renamed.br>
The editor was Lisbeth Seemann.

Contents/Issues Produced

See the KZ Club website.

Digital Access

Digital versions of all back issues are available as freely downloadable PDFs from the KZ Club website.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

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KZ and Vintage Aircraft Club: back issues
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Cockpit (1)

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‘Cockpit’ is a bi-monthly historical aviation magazine, published by the Aviation History Society of Denmark (DFS). It was first published in February 1991.

Each issue is A4 size, with 44 pages and illustrated with b+w photos. The contents includes society news, historical articles, scale aircraft modelling articles, current Danish aviation, RDanAF unit histories, aircraft types in Danish service, preservation news etc.

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Published monthly since 1928, ‘Flyv’ is the official magazine of the Royal Danish Aero Club (KDA), which was first established in June 1928. Although mainly focussed on private and sport flying, the magazine covers all aspects of flying – civil and military, Danish and international.

‘Flyv’ is the only Danish printed magazine for pilots and those interested in flying. It is designed to appeal to those engaged in gliding, parachuting or ballooning, as well as the operation of powered aircraft. Feature articles focus on tests of new aircraft, flight safety and current events in Danish and international flight.

Recent issues have 50 pages each and are printed on glossy A4 paper, with colour photographs on every page.

In 2012 the KDA was forced to stop publishing ‘Flyv’ due to financial difficulties. Fortunately, the title was taken over by publishing company RB ApS in January 2013, and relaunched as a bi-monthly with effect from the February 2013 issue.

Editors of the magazine have been: John Foltman 1928-1964, Per Weishaupt 1964-1988, Hans Kofoed 1988-1998, Knud Larsen 1998-2012, Rune Balle 2013-onwards.

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DC-3 Nyt

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‘DC-3 Nyt’ is a magazine published by DC-3 Vennerne (Danish Dakota Friends), formed in November 1991, which operates to keep the last Danish DC-3 Dakota OY-BPB in flying condition.

The magazine is published quarterly and comprises an A4 size publication of 16-20 pages, illustrated with b+w and colour photos, both old and new. It is filled with great stories about the DC-3 and other interesting old aircraft. It is also where members tell of the DC-3 trips they have been on or about other DC-3s they have met around the world.

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