Modell Magazin

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First published in 1975. Scale plastic modelling magazine. For the first decade of it’s existence, it included good feature articles on (mostly German) aircraft types. The editor was Heinz Birkholz, who had previously edited the bi-monthly ‘Plastik Modell’. From January 1985 the magazine has had no aviation content. The same publisher produced at least 4 issues of ‘War Album’ – a collection of rare naval, military and aviation photographs (mostly from WW2), and 9 issues of ‘Modell Magazin Foto Archiv’ with a similar content.

Modell Bau Heute

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means Model Building Today. East German publication. Covered all forms of modelling, including radio-control aircraft and boats and also scale modelling of aircraft and AFVs. Published between 1975 (or earlier) and September 1993. No further information.


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Bi-monthly magazine for IPMS-Deutschland members. First published in April 1968. General scale modelling topics. Every issue of the Mitteilungen contains 34 pages about history, planes, tanks, cars and six pages science fiction and fantasy – so the complete magazine contains 40 pages. The title translates as Communications.

Further information: Web: IPMS Deutschland

Military Technology – MILTECH

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Military Technology’ is a journal of defence technology and economics. It concentrates on the procurement, acquisition and logistics of weapons systems from the technology viewpoint. Included are articles and reports on current weapons systems, defence market survey’s etc. Well illustrated with many colour and b+w photos on glossy paper. English text. First published in 1977. Volume 22 No.3 was dated March 1998. Also associated with the ISSN 0344-6352.

Further information: website: Miltech


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The Official Magazine of the German Air Force Association. First published in 1986. A4 size, 70 pages each, glossy with many b+w and colour photos. Features international military aviation news, Luftwaffe news and articles, German aircraft industry news, features on aircraft and air arms of neighbouring countries. Until mid 1992 published by Vereinigte Motor-Verlage. Absorbed into Flug Revue in the late 1990s.

Luftfahrt Journal

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Hamburg-based magazine which reports news and developments in commercial passenger and freight air transportation. It covers aircraft orders, construction, modifications and business plus civil aircraft register news. Recent issue feature photographs in colour. First published circa 1971. Issue 305 was dated May 1996, and issue 400 appeared in 2004. No further information.

Further information: No official website.

Luftfahrt International

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Luftfahrt International’ started off as a thick A5 size magazine of some 160 pages that usually covered three different aircraft types in each issue. These long (40+ pages) detailed articles mainly featured German WW2 types, but also included aircraft from other eras such as WW1. Illustrated with many b+w photos and line drawings, a lot of the information was presented as extracts from the original Luftwaffe handbooks. Rare experimental prototypes and unbuilt projects were also covered in feature articles. Most issues also included at least one non-German aircraft. Other topics covered included aero engines and German aircraft companies. The first issue appeared in January 1974.
From issue 28 this title switched to a more conventional magazine format. It now featured civil aviation news, a spotters feature, airline histories, military aviation news, profiles of historical aircraft types, German aviation history, aircraft museums, book reviews etc. An 8-page centre feature presenting reproductions from official Luftwaffe aircraft manuals was also included. Now A4 size, it contained 46 pages, with b+w photos and line drawings. It appeared monthly from about November 1978 (ISSN 0343-3943). Publication continued until at least late 1988. Published by Archiv Karl Pawlas (issues 1-24) and then E. S. Mittler & Sohn (issues 25-27+).
The same publishers also published special issues Luftfahrt-Dokumente (LD 1 to LD 21), Luftfahrt-Monographie (LS 1 to LS 3) and Luftfahrt-Bilddokumente (LBD 1 & 2) on single subjects.

[*] Contents Listing, 1974 – 1988

Luftfahrt Commercial Aviation

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published during the early 1990’s. Magazine devoted to worldwide commercial aviation. News and features on current airports, airlines and airliners. A4 size, 66 pages each issue. Many colour photos, line drawings, tables and charts. Includes one historical article in each issue. Brief English summaries to major articles.